Andy Cohen Explains Why There Isn’t A Real Husbands Reality Show

Househusbands. Where to begin? There are the ones we all love (Donn Gunvalson comes to mind). And the ones we all despise (that list is way too long). There are the ones we like to look at (Mauricio Umansky). And then theres…well…someones step-grandpappy.

When it comes to being on the Bravo camera, some husbands are hyper aware of their image. Joe Gorga comes to mind. The way this meatball is trying to be a comedian and a motivational speaker at the same time is a level of delusion nearly unparalleled by even his pop-star-wannabe wife. I guess house-“flipping” isn’t paying the bills anymore! In contrast, you have the Mauricio and PK Kemsleys of the world who appear completely oblivious to the camera crew recording a stoned gossip sesh. We love to see it!

After filming an episode of Watch What Happens LiveAndy Cohen took some time to answer audience questions. In a post shared by the @bravowwhl account Andy fielded a question about doing a Real Househusband show. He exclaimed, “We did think of doing a house-husbands show!”


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“We developed, early on, we developed a show called The Real Husbands of Orange County and we cast a bunch of husbands and the truth is, guys are kinda boring,” Andy explained before he added, “No offense.” No offense but I don’t think anyone thought random husbands would be interesting. The house-husbands of our Housewives on the other hand….maybe.

Andy said the attempt at a “Real Husband” show took place about three seasons in to Real Housewives of Orange County. He said in the end production decided, “you know what? We’re not doing this.”

While I don’t particularly love the amount of thirst some husbands show while filming, I do love the insight into who our leading ladies have chosen to spend the rest of their lives their public image with. Am I the only one who would tune in to watch some mess like Michael Darby try to act cool with Frank Catania? Or Ken Todd and Todd Tucker bonding over business? Honestly, I think the possibilities are endless. Let’s send a few of these men to Turks and Caicos to see what develops.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]