Carole Radziwill Claims She Has “PTSD” From Real Housewives Of New York; Says “That’s A Real Thing”

Real Housewives of New York alum Carole Radziwill has certainly been chatty lately for a woman who supposedly left her reality TV life in the rear-view. I will admit that I was a “Writer Girl” fan back in the day. After all, Carole is an accomplished journalist and author.

She is even a real Princess, which you just know rubbed her RHONY co-star Luann de Lesseps the wrong way. Princess trumps Countess, right? Carole and Luann often sparred, with Luann claiming that Carole stole her niece’s boyfriend, chef Adam Kenworthy. Carole insisted that Adam was single when they met.

The vicious Season 10 reunion marked the end of Carole’s time on the show. The implosion of Carole’s friendship with former BFF Bethenny Frankel was ugly. Host Andy Cohen pointed out that both Bethenny and Carole “bashed each other on the show.” Carole replied, “You’re so full of sh*t, Andy.”

Carole later slammed Andy for siding with Bethenny during the reunion. “Later on, I think, the audience [saw] that he was supporting Bethenny in this way that I’ve never seen him at any other reunion do that,” Carole remarked.

In July of 2018, after six seasons, the author announced that she was leaving RHONY.  Carole later shared that she was having disagreements with Bravo executives. Bethenny claimed that Carole was axed.


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Carole was named the Housewife who spilled the most tea by Dave Quinn, author of Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It. In an excerpt from the tell-all, Andy dished a little dirt on Carole. More specifically, how he felt about her RHONY departure.

Andy was offended by a comment that Carole made in her Instagram Story. “If you were doing something that was forcing you to do things that went against your own value system would you walk away regardless of the pay,” she posted.

For her part, Carole claimed that her friendship with Andywas Bravo generated. I never went around saying Andy and I are really close friends.” Wow.

In January of 2020, Carole revealed that she would never return to RHONY. I don’t see her getting an invite after torching Andy and the show repeatedly. Press Las Vegas reported that Carole claimed to have PTSD from the show on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast.


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“I do have PTSD. I think everyone who leaves the show goes through at least a year or two of PTSD,” Carole stated. “That’s a real thing. Bravo should really pay for the therapy of the jettisoned Housewives.”

Carole also took issue with a comment that Luann made about her after Carole left RHONY. “Luann called me Carole Ratziwill. That line was given to her by a producer. I think a showrunner,” Carole shared. “It was given to her to say. She does not have a sense of humor.” Oof.

Carole continued, “I produced six years of content for your show. And that’s what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna call me a b-tch and then give one of the characters a line making fun of my married name?” Carole isn’t letting this diss go anytime soon.

“They were just manufacturing these storylines that just didn’t make sense. I just think some of the choices that this particular production company has made over the past several years, even since season five [is] just been questionable,” she remarked.


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“If they’re recasting the whole show, they should get rid of the production company. It’s a production company that’s based in Burbank,” Carole commented. “They really don’t have a good vibe about what New York is about. They’re getting away from what really made the show.”

I’m sure that Andy is taking notes on Carole’s advice for saving RHONY. Not.


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