Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 1

Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has come to a close, so it’s REUNION TIME! There is a lot to break down too. These ladies had an eventful season in both their personal and group storylines. Jennifer Aydin is going to be in the hot seat more than anyone most likely. She had it out with most of the cast this season. Let’s see what happens when she faces off with Melissa Gorga, Jackie Goldschneider, and Margaret Josephs.

Another big moment at this reunion will be the fallout of Teresa Giudice’s friendship with Danielle Staub. After that shocking finale, there’s bound to be an epic confrontation. Teresa was so ride of die for Danielle, only to be betrayed in the end. However, Teresa doesn’t get to play the victim here. It wasn’t her ponytail that got dragged across the room! The end of an era starts now!

Jennifer looks fabulous following all of the work she’s had done. I think she looked great before, but whatever makes her happy is what she should do. There’s no need for anyone to ever shame her for what she’s had done.

I love the homage to the season 1 reunion. SO ICONIC. That initial set was sooooo ugly, but it’s cool to pay tribute. That reunion kicked off an amazing franchise.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 1

This pregnancy storyline of Melissa’s is such a sham. Someone really needs to call her on it. Also, who has a birthday party with themselves as the theme. It’s great to honor yourself, but it’s weird to have yourself as the theme. But yeah, nobody is buying this story of them trying for another baby.

JENNIFER DID IT. She totally calls out Melissa for being self absorbed for the same reasons I described. Melissa wants examples of how she’s self absorbed. How about you re-watch your tenure on this show? That’ll speak volumes. Jennifer doesn’t want to reveal who said all of that about Melissa, but they pan right away to Teresa. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the sister-in-laws bash each other behind the scenes.

Jennifer says Melissa is making a mockery of real women who are actually trying to have a baby. She thinks Melissa would never want to give up the things she would have to. BUT NOW WE SAID IT.

Andy Cohen asks Teresa if she agrees with Jennifer, but she evades the question. BOOM. I love that they’re even bringing up the long lost sister and the failed restaurant. It’s a common comment on social media that Melissa fakes her storylines every year. Jennifer knows exactly what she’s doing by bringing it up. She is about to get a lot of support on Twitter.

Melissa swears that all of her storylines are real, but they do get dropped rather quickly. Teresa not defending Melissa fully when Andy asks makes me believe she was Jennifer’s source. I’ve never really bought the united family act they try to portray. I would ever go as far as to say that when their father dies, they’ll fall out again.

Margaret and Jackie try to chime in to defend Melissa, but Jennifer stands her ground. She’s quickly become the most outspoken woman in this cast. She doesn’t give any f**ks what anyone thinks. I don’t necessarily dislike Melissa, but it’s refreshing to see her actually get called out. Jackie tried to do the same with Teresa last year, but she backed down a bit.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 1

I love how open Margaret is about all of her legal issues. Not everyone can be that open. Looking at you ladies over in the 90210. A certain woman with a fake accent should take note.

Marge Sr is so cool, so it’s heartbreaking to watch she and Margaret go through so much. It sounds like Margaret spent much of her childhood stressed out about her mom’s behavior. She opens up about her father, but they don’t have a relationship of any kind.

I wonder how different things would have been if Margaret had both parents in her life. I get why Margaret never would miss something she never had though. My father was the same as hers, and it sucks, but it’s not going to change my life.

Dolores Catania sets the record straight about her relationship with Frank Catania. She says they haven’t been intimate since she was pregnant with Franke. She appreciates the support, but they’re never getting back together. I’m a little sad to hear this in all honesty. David Principe is never around and never puts her first. She deserves so much better. Dolores should find a man who treats her as a priority in her life.

Dolores is good without a commitment right now. She will not be moving in with him despite the new house. Nobody thinks she is going to find true love with him. Jennifer says Dolores wants love so bad, she will settle for anything.

Things get tense when Margaret tells Jennifer to stop cutting in and let Dolo talk for once. Jennifer snaps at her telling her to shut up. Jennifer is not here to make nice at this reunion. She’s coming for the entire right couch and gives no cares about it. She’s low key even coming for Dolo right now. Woah.

Dolores calls herself a good catch and is upset David didn’t show up for things. Andy gets messy and asks the group if they think she should drop him. I mean, duh. David is NEVER around. He needs to step out or move out of her way, so she can find someone she deserves.

It’s time to revisit the Dolores and Jackie feud. I totally forgot this way a thing. Dolores saying she doesn’t consider Jackie to be a friend triggered so much in Jackie. Jennifer was a little messy for saying that. It’ll come out eventually anyway. so why not expedite the process?

Jackie and Dolores don’t appear to have the same animosity toward one another they previously had. Things have clearly progressed between the two because Dolores now considers Jackie a friend. Of course, Jennifer has to chime in. She doesn’t think it’s legitimate at all and too corny. Alright I was into her opinionated attitude at this reunion, but now she’s being annoying. She’s trying to turn EVERY moment into her own. Let someone else speak for a hot second.

Margaret addresses Jennifer’s comment about not knowing what kind of mother she was. We’ve never seen her with her kids really, so maybe it’s a fair question. Jennifer claims it wasn’t a personal attack and that she genuinely didn’t know. I’m not sure if I believe that. Would Margaret be this defensive if it didn’t strike a nerve? I think Jennifer is being shady for asking, but we truly don’t know much about it. Margaret could maybe open up about it a little more.

Margaret shuts Jennifer down, but if you act shady, you get it back. Jennifer says that Melissa and Teresa were stay at home mothers before the show, so Marge is insulting them too. Shouldn’t we just not touch anyone and anything to do with their kids.

Why are either of them shaming one another for any type of parenting? Both are great mothers in their own way. Jennifer tells Margaret not to stalk her Instagram because none of it is real. Is she calling her own self fake? She is called out for partying ever night, but is that really Margaret’s business. Any time it involves children, things get so uncomfortable.

The topic turns to Jackie’s eating disorder which is always hard to watch. Her father truly didn’t understand what she was going through in the past. He got shamed a lot on social media, but now the truth is out. It’s easy to judge, and I did it myself. However, now I realize he didn’t know the full scope of how bad it was.

Jackie didn’t know the camera caught her not eating breakfast. She is ashamed that her children will be able to see it. I think her opening up about her story helps her kids and kids around the world. She might be saving many lives.

Teresa says Jackie is just as strong as she is. These two have come such a long way. They’ll never be the best of friends, but getting to a place of coexistence is just as good. Just don’t bring up her family.

All of this stuff about their solo storylines is cute, but I want Danielle. I don’t even care for Danielle, but this is her last rodeo. She’s retiring as a housewife, so I want to see her final moment. Someone like her is definitely going to go out with a bang.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Season 10 Reunion Part 1

I totally understand how much of an impact bullying can have growing up. People used to throw pickles at me in high school, and it was the worst. I feel so hard for Jennifer’s daughter and what she’s gone through.

Say whatever you wish about Jennifer, but she was a major LGBTQIA ally this season. She accomplished a lot when it came to her mother and brother. Things have greatly improved between the two. This conversation is so important to have. Even Margaret appreciates the work Jennifer did on camera with her family.

Bethenny Frankel shading Jennifer was so hilarious. Bethenny isn’t someone I’d want to go to war with in a verbal battle. She’s read me so hard, and I don’t want to be crying in the corner hard pass.

Melissa and Jennifer haven’t spoken since the Jersey Shore trip which isn’t surprising. What would they have to see to each other? Jennifer brings out the worst in Melissa, but she also makes Melissa relevant.

I do feel as if Melissa’s comments about Jackie’s kids being successful were misinterpreted. She was just trying to make a point about what Jackie was doing, but she said it wrong. However, Jennifer shouldn’t be throwing ANYTHING. EVER. Period.

Of course, Dolores doesn’t feel like Jennifer did anything wrong. Her ride or die level is great if you’re her friend. It irritates me so much though. These ladies all go zero to one hundred so fu**ing fast. Melissa wanted to physically assault Jennifer because she’s an asshole, but she showed restraint. Jennifer feels judged by everyone. Marge says her cover is fine, but her insides are screwed up. The gloves are off!


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