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Melissa Gorga Says Speech About Dolores Catania Not Living With Her Boyfriend Wasn’t “A Dig”; Dolores Says Melissa “Didn’t Mean Anything By That”

Real Housewives of New Jersey has been a wild ride so far. It started with Teresa Giudice spreading a rumor heard “in town” about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband being a cheater.  That brought about a tense conversation between Tre and Jackie, who wound up making the worst analogy ever about Gia Giudice. Then we saw Jennifer Aydin fall down drunk at Teresa’s pool party. The next time we saw Tre and Jackie in the same place, tensions were still high. Teresa brought a dildo to metaphorically shove us Jackie’s ass, and Jackie asked Teresa if she picked up those fighting tactics in prison.

But this isn’t the Teresa show and it’s definitely  not the Jackie show. For whatever reason, people like Melissa Gorga get camera time too. All we’ve really seen Melissa do this season is hand out back-handed compliments, which is reason 1001 why Joe Gorga should be the one in the opening credits.

Last week, Dolores Catania received the Ambassador of Hope award for raising mammogram awareness. She had the girls over to celebrate at boyfriend David Principe’s. For unknown reasons, Melissa decided she should be the one to give a toast to Dolores. “You out pass us all being charitable. That is where you shine. You may not live in this house or get a ring on it but you shine.” Seriously, why add the comments on Dolores’ relationship?

The RHONJ women addressed this question on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After ShowMelissa defended her comments first, saying, “no, there was no shade to it, [Dolores] does have us beat that way. I tend to blurt things out, but there’s usually a lot of truth to what I blurt out…so that’s not a dig, no.”


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The thing is, Melissa’s comments are true. Dolores is charitable, isn’t married to David, and doesn’t live in his house. But she didn’t need to say those things. Margaret Josephs agrees, “she doesn’t need a ring. If she wanted this house she could have it.” Margaret continued, saying, it was a back-handed compliment that totally came out wrong.” Do back-handed compliments come out wrong?

Melissa doesn’t think so. She doubled-down saying, “[Dolores] is charitable, she really is. And she might not have the ring and she might not have these other things – which I’m not lying about either, she doesn’t – but she’s extremely charitable.” Miss the point one more time, Melissa.


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All that matters in the end is how Dolores feels. “You know what, it takes a lot to really offend me,” she shared. “Especially when it’s coming from a friend who I know doesn’t mean any harm behind it. So, Melissa wasn’t wrong…she didn’t mean anything by that.”

Yeah, she did. But again, all Dolores cares about is her charity work. Margaret emphasized that Dolores is “topping” them “on charity.” To this, Dolores replied, “I’ll take it!”


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