Lala Kent Is Starting A New Podcast Tour Without Randall Emmett; Says That She Has “Cut The Fat”

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and her then-fiancé Randall Emmett launched their podcast together back in January of 2020. It was titled Give Them Lala…with Randall. Lala’s Pump Rules co-star Stassi Schroeder was the couple’s first guest.

Since that time, Lala and Randall welcomed their daughter, Ocean Emmett, on March 15, 2021. And while it looked like Lala and her man were blissfully happy, the truth turned out to be something totally different.

In October of 2021, Lala dumped Randall for allegedly cheating on her. Lala and Ocean moved out of the home that they shared with Randall. In December, an Instagram account posted an unconfirmed series of text conversations between Randall and other women while he was still with Lala.

Randall quit their podcast. “Together we kind of grew in this podcast and learned a lot, and we started having these amazing guests and [it was] just an awesome time,” Randall said. Randall explained that he would still be involved behind the scenes with production but was going to focus on his children and his movie business. Sure, Randall.

Lala wasted no time putting her podcast, renamed simply Give Them Lala, to good use. She revealed that her diamond engagement ring from Randall was “fake” and that a jeweler told her it “was most likely brown.” It was only worth a fraction of the $150 thousand the designer claimed it was worth.

Lala also said on her podcast, “Every day I find out something new that makes me feel [like], ‘Lala you were so disposable the whole time. You meant nothing. … You were a possession, a shiny object and nothing more.”

She dissed Randall while promoting a line of adult toys. Lala posted on Instagram, “It’s the best sexy time I’ve had in five years and eight months.” The couple was together for nearly six years. Ouch!

Randall and Lala previously planned to do a podcast tour together. In an Instagram video, Lala announced that she is doing a solo podcast tour. “I am so hyped to tell you guys that we are officially going on tour. That is right. We have relaunched Give Them Lala Live: The Brand New Tour is on and popping,” she said.


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“Tickets will be on sale tomorrow. If you already bought tickets to the previous tour, don’t trip. They are still valid. This is going to be a completely different format,” Lala said. “Don’t worry though. Even though I don’t drink, I’m still going to make sure you guys catch an epic buzz.” Do tell, Lala.

“I want to bring people onstage that are inspiring. I want to make sure we’re bonded. I want to make sure we interact,” Lala commented. “Ask me all the questions in the world. Anything and everything. Mention it all!” the VPR star exclaimed.

“Make sure you click the link in my bio to purchase tickets or… or just go to” Lala added, “I’ll see you soon. Love y’all!” It looks like Lala will be appearing in 10 cities.

In the Instagram caption, Lala wrote “I’ve got a brand-new format for the tour & its everything I’ve ever dreamed of.” She shadily added, “I’ve cut the fat. It’s bigger. It’s better. The bRand new tour is happening.”


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No doubt Randall is the “fat” that she cut. Lala recently changed a tattoo that read “Rand” to say “bRand new.” Lala gave a nod to this with the unique spelling in her Instagram caption.

In fact, Lala started selling hoodies that read “bRand new.” She modeled one on They sell for around $50 and slam her ex at the same time. And that is how you turn lemons into lemonade, folks.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]