Katie Maloney Responds To Troll Who Says She Doesn’t “Deserve” A Baby After Abortion

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has taken her fair share of hits from the fans of Vanderpump Rules. She hasn’t always been well liked and some of it is for good reason. But as the show has progressed, we have watched our Pumpers grow up, get houses and start families. While a pregnancy pact proved to be fruitful for many of Katie’s castmates, it just wasn’t her time. Last year, she spoke about wanting to get pregnant, and then her subsequent fertility struggles when it didn’t happen. And given how many of her friends were having babies, it became an understandably sore topic for her.

Katie continued to be an open book when it came to fertility and pregnancy, admitting that she previously had an abortion. In and episode this past season, Katie opened up about it, saying that it was early in her relationship with now husband, Tom Schwartz. At the time of her unplanned pregnancy, Katie confessed that their future together was “uncertain.” In her confessional, Katie explained, “Tom and I’d been together for a year, and it was not pretty. Like, we fought all the time. I wanted it to work out, but I was just like if anything, he’s going to leave and I’m going to be a single mom.”

Now Katie is facing social media trolls who want to hold her actions against her. As reported by Us Weekly, Katie shared a photo of her and Tom on her Instagram. She captioned it, “Goodbye 2021. You brought some pretty amazing things into my life. Some amazing new little lives, who I loves so dearly. Some really difficult moments and triumphs! Feeling really hopeful. Love you all!”


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Fans jumped on the theory that Katie might be announcing her own pregnancy. One user commented, “Pregnancy announcement?” Another commenter replied, “I think she might be announcing soon because she looks pregnant. Even her stance. Maybe it’s me hoping but so excited if so!” Ugh, speculation on woman’s body and whether or not she is pregnant is so uncool. Katie was quick to shut it down and responded, “Literally no. Stop.”

But that didn’t stop trolls from entering the chat, so to speak. Said the user, “She does not deserve a baby after what she did to her first one.” To which Katie fired back, “Have the day you deserve.”

You might not like Katie but regardless, you have to give her credit for being so candid about a topic that is unnecessarily still taboo in our society. She undoubtedly made many women who faced the same choice feel less alone. Even if you don’t agree, at the very least, you can respect her decision. And like Katie said in her confessional, “Everyone, every woman, every person should be able to decide what’s best for them.” It sounds like she did just that.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]