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Lala Kent Confirms Vanderpump Rules Pregnancy Pact Was Real And Not A Joke

Vanderpump Rules is in its off season and not currently filming. But that hasn’t stopped the franchise from churning out nonstop news stories about the cast.

Everyone knows about the epic firing of Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. Some thought that would be enough to tank the show in general. But the cast (and former cast) seems to have other plans to stay relevant, even if the show doesn’t come back. And what would those plans be? PREGNANCY. As in, everyone is pregnant. Stassi was first, quickly followed by Lala Kent’s announcement. Then came Brittany Cartwright’s own surprise.

With so many pregnancies happening, it leaves one to wonder – was this intentional? Both Lala and Brittany previously mentioned they had a pregnancy pact going. But it seemed like a funny joke at the time. Lala is now revealing it was anything but.

Lala recently told Entertainment Tonight just how serious it was, saying, “It was real!” She explained, “It sounds so cheesy, but I have always been hell bent on having my children grow up the way that I did, which was very much, like, my mom was friends with all my friends’ parents and it was so much fun. I had a great childhood.”


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The pact itself came into play when the four couples went on vacation to Mexico. Included in the mix were Katie Maloney and husband Tom Schwartz. The girls all decided to hold off on getting pregnant until after their weddings. But corona threw that plan for a loop.

Brittany and Jax Taylor did make it to the alter before the pandemic hit but both Stassi and Lala’s weddings were cancelled. Lala and fiancé Randall Emmett are still planning to get married in July of 2021. Stassi’s wedding doesn’t have any new scheduled date. After all, she’s been busy trying to fix her image after her firing.


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Apparently, Stassi is the one who put the plan in motion. Lala tells us when Stassi told her, “I’m talking to her and she smiles and says, ‘I’m pregnant,’ like, y’all need to get it poppin! So, I called Rand and I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter when the wedding is happening, we’re yanking my IUD out!'” That is one of the dumbest reasons I have ever heard for someone to decide to get pregnant but let’s continue.

Randall says Lala ended up getting pregnant just over two weeks after Stassi announced her news to their friends. It was right around that time that Lala sparked break up rumors after deleting all of Randall’s photos on her Instagram account. Lala admitted that she was mad about Randall not putting groceries way, which was later explained by pregnancy hormones. Said Randall, “That was a week literally to the day before she found out.” Lala agreed, “Yep, now we know why!” Oh geez.


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Lala and Randall went on to announce their baby news on their podcast in early September. Brittany and Jax were right behind them, with both couples being due in April 2021. While Stassi and Lala are expecting girls, Brittany is expecting another little Jax. God help us all. And while Katie was part of the whole pact, she’s not currently pregnant. Nor does she want to be, according to her.

So, I guess now that we all know this was planned, it does leave one to wonder what else is planned when it comes to the show. Fans have long wondered how produced the series actually is. Is this just one more example?


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