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Katie Maloney Says Talk With Lisa Vanderpump About Fertility Was “Invasive”

There’s something about a tea party at Lisa Vanderpump’s house that screams invasive discussions are imminent.  Especially when the guest list was the entire female cast of Vanderpump Rules.  The Sur owner pours a pot of English tea, and everyone is ready to discuss their life issues in front of cameras.

New moms Lala Kent and Scheana Shay got into conflict about Brock Davies, the latest love of Scheana’s life.  As news of his prior restraining order broke and took center stage at the event, there was one conversation that was glossed over a bit and Katie Maloney-Schwartz did not have an opportunity to address her feelings about it.  And all joking aside, Katie now revealed that she felt uncomfortable about what was said.

Of course, it’s the topic of Katie and husband Tom Schwartz’s fertility journey.  The couple previously announced their intention to conceive a “pandemic baby.”  However, it just wasn’t their time yet and they’ve kept trying since.  In a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie and Tom visit a fertility specialist to get some answers.  It was also during this time that Katie revealed she had an abortion when she and Tom first started dating.  Katie explained, “It was so early in our relationship.  We were uncertain about the next day.”

It was sensitive topic, and Katie felt pressure as she saw her friends each in turn welcome their own children and she felt the expectation turn to her.  ShowbizCheatsheet reported what Katie said during a recent episode of her podcast, You’re Gonna Love Me.  “So everyone around me is getting pregnant, which is amazing, like one blessing after the next,” Katie explained, “But I started to feel like all eyes were on me.  And my friends were like, ‘You’re next! It’s going to happen!  Keep trying!  Keep going!’  It was a lot… I wasn’t handling it very well…This is just so much pressure.”


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So, the conversation at Lisa’s tea party was uncomfortable for Katie.  She continued her podcast to share her reaction, “when I sit down and I’m talking to Lisa [Vanderpump] and she’s like, ‘Well, why are you guys going to see a fertility doctor?  Did you even try?’ That question- I get where it was coming from; it’s coming from a good place.  But it can feel very invalidating and invasive.  Because it’s like, ‘Yes, I tried.  Of course, we tried.'”
Katie and Tom will share more of their fertility journey during the Vanderpump Rules season, they both hope still for a natural conception.  Katie also acknowledged that there’s a lot of “societal pressure” for women to have children.


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