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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Caught Between A Wife And A Sandy Place

It’s already depressing watching James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss on Vanderpump Rules knowing they’ve split. How unfortunate. Waiting until the reunion to learn the ins and outs of it is maddening. We want answers now!

Raquel wants to get their friends and family together to celebrate an engagement party. A destination venue is on the horizon.

Tom Sandoval pulls Katie Maloney aside at TomTom to check in with her. What could he possibly have to say? He’s constantly rude to her. In fact, that’s the only emotion he hurls in her direction. He wants to create a fun atmosphere and make more money, but it’s being a sour lemon. It’s like he thinks he’s the first person to ever do a business venture.

Sandoval brings up Tom Schwartz’ insecurity because he’s always dealing with that. He feels like he has to always push Schwartz as a result of that. Katie’s trying to protect her husband from being steamrolled, but he’s almost gas lighting her. Katie screams at Sandoval asking to listen to her husband’s ideas, but Sandoval retorts. He says he brings money into Katie’s household. Well DAMN.

This is a blowout so many years in the making. They both have overly inflated egos, and they’ll never see where they’re wrong. Schwartz removes Katie from the bar after declaring that she’s making a scene. Look at that! Once again Katie’s left in the lurch by her own husband. What kind of marriage do they have when he can NEVER have her back,

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

I’m sort of coming around to Brock Davies. There’s still so many red flags there, but he’s making a genuine effort. We’ll just have to see how things play out between him and Scheana Marie. It remains to be seen if they stand the test of time.

Scheana’s trying to make it seem why Charli Burnett’s feelings are valid. However, Brock’s having no part of that. He’s basically convincing her to be openly selfish and not factor in anyone’s feelings. What a solid guy.

Charli’s allowed to feel violated by his friends. She’s allowed to call them out for not protecting her in that moment. For them to try and flip the script and make things about themselves is wild.

Katie stops by Villa Rosa for some advice from THE Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa’s immediately taken aback that Sandoval would try and take credit for her TomTom idea. Maybe she’ll be the one to finally put him in check.

Lisa tells Katie not to let her husband have more loyalty to Sandoval than her. There’s honestly no excuse for it. There’s no excuse for the way he openly treats her like shit. Lisa also admits she doesn’t believe the Toms are ready to open their own business. They’re all over the place with their ideas, and at this point does anyone know the concept for the bar? It has a horrendous name and there’s no central focused idea of what it’s about.

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Ariana Madix tells Sandoval about how rude Schwartz was being to Katie. He’s surprised, but he’s more shocked at Lala Kent’s comments. She’s trying to convince Katie to maybe take a break from the marriage for a bit. Are things really that bad?

Sandoval pulled off a great surprise for Ariana’s birthday. There’s so many unique rooms and themes at the party. Everything about it is a fun place to go on a wild trip into another dimension. Too cool.

It’s obvious that Schwartz & Sandoval are in two very different places about what they are. Sandoval thinks it’s a brand, and Schwartz thinks it’s all about their friendship. The two of them need to get on the same page before everything crashes and burns.

Sandoval’s accusation about making money seems to be the biggest issue here. Implying he’s the the one putting money on Katie & Schwartz’s table was a bold one. There’s no coming back from a statement like that really.

James tells Lala he’s working on his anger which is such as huge stop. Not drinking was just the first step for him. He still has quite a long way to go in his journey.

Ariana’s next level wasted at her own party. She’s so drunk to the point that she FELL ON THE FLOOR. It’s on Sandoval though because he misled her about dinner. She didn’t eat anything prior to the party, so she’s drinking on any empty stomach. It’s a recipe for disaster!

Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules

Watching Lala look for an assistance for her brand was a snoozefest. Is that the best they can offer this season? Seeing these people pretend their brands are larger than they are is always hilarious.

They’re really hyping up this sit-down at the end of the episode. It’s supposed to be the two Toms hashing everything out. Do we really think Schwartz is going to stick up for Katie in any way, shape, or form? I don’t think any of us truly do.

To actually hear Schwartz say he wants Sandoval to respect Katie is shocking. He finally did it. He’s demanding a higher level of respect for his wife which leads to the end of an era. Sandoval suggests cutting out any sort of friendship interaction between the two until this is cleared up.

It’s mostly business between these two from here on out. Schwartz is finally being the husband he wife deserves, but things are so awkward. I can’t imagine going to a business only relationship with my best friend. How weird is that? Maybe this is a prime example of why you aren’t supposed to mix work and pleasure.


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