Kathy Hilton Explains Why She Wore A Tablecloth; Says “I’m Very Resourceful”

Kathy Hilton is the comedic spark on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that we didn’t know we needed. During the girls’ trip to Lake Tahoe, Kathy toted her box fan into her sister Kyle Richards’ room in the middle of the night. She chugged a Red Bull, which she thought was soda, and read newspapers. I love it!

During the same RHOBH trip, Kathy played a martini “bottoms up” prank that was hysterical. She even hosted an elegant dinner party for her co-stars in her home.  Sutton Stracke questioned Erika Jayne about Erika’s finanical problems. The event became a nasty affair when Erika threatened Sutton. Kathy’s butler, Patrick, was traumatized by that dinner party.

Buckle up, because Kathy explained why she sported a tablecloth to Craig’s in West Hollywood. According to People, Kathy shared all the details in an Instagram video. Kathy stated, “A lot of people have been calling and wondering what’s the dealio. So, I wanted to let all of my friends from Instagram know, hear it straight from my mouth…I want to spill the tea directly to you.”

Kathy shared how she had accompanied her family, including her daughters Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton, to the 16th annual Christmas in September charity event at The Abbey. The event raises money for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Kathy, Nicky, and Paris spent hours on-stage running the live auction. Kathy wore a wool-lined dress and said that she was “roasting and roasting and roasting.”


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Kathy explained, “The whole thing was literally sticking to me…and I didn’t have a chance to even have a Coca-Cola, water, a glass of wine or anything to eat because we were busy selling and selling and selling and raising money. We had a very successful auction.”

When the event was over, Kathy and her friend Vera went to grab some dinner at a nearby restaurant. “The air conditioning was up so high that I went in, and I had to take my dress off,” Kathy said. “She brought in this tablecloth — see, there’s makeup on here — because she took the tablecloth…and she made it like it was a sarong.” Only Kathy could make that work.

“I’m very resourceful. She’s very resourceful…It was either that or Hunky Dory would have to go home,” Kathy quipped. “What can I tell you? I didn’t have my fan with me.”

She added, “I wanted to just let everybody know because everybody was up in arms wondering what happened.” Both of Kathy’s daughters commented on their mother’s video. “You are very resourceful mom…” Nicky wrote. “That’s hot. You are too funny! Love you Mom!” Paris said. RHOBH cast member Garcelle Beauvais commented, “You look gorgeous” with a heart emoji.

Maybe Kathy can collaborate with Dorit Kemsley on a tablecloth chic dress line. That would be right up Dorit’s alley.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]