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Mary Cosby’s Church Seemingly Closes Down; Mary’s Parents Speak Out About The RHOSLC Star’s Controversial Marriage

Every time I try to wrap my head around the enigma that is Mary Cosby, I only get more confused. Aside from Jen Shah, she’s the second Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star that I really wanted to see defend their side of the story at the reunion. Mary’s behavior isn’t always the best, to say the least. She throws some questionable digs at her co-stars and makes comments that make you turn your head, but she makes for fascinating TV. Mary’s faced a whole lot of allegations this season — accusations of racism, of running her church like a cult, and for her unusual alliance with Meredith Marks. However, she decided to effectively give up her TV gig by skipping the reunion and avoiding the noise. And to put it in Andy Cohen’s words, it’s pretty disappointing.

RHOSLC is gearing up for an insane reunion (with even more insane looks, if you can believe it). I’m not only upset that Mary didn’t show up, but also that it was filmed before Jennie Nguyen’s problematic Facebook posts were unveiled. Maybe Mary and Jennie are more alike than they realize when it comes to not thinking before they speak. I wanted to hear Mary explain more about her marriage to Robert Cosby Sr., the allegations that she was harboring a runaway, and her two cents about all of the harrowing allegations about her church.


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The latest wrench in the Mary Cosby story is that her church has seemingly shut down, via Radar Online. Faith Temple Pentecostal Church is apparently boarded up and the signage has been taken down. One fan on Reddit confirmed that “the church is closed right now due to unvaccinated people but is still open and running. No boards on the church.” Interesting. It doesn’t seem to make sense to take down signs for temporary closure, but who knows. The church’s website says there aren’t any in-person services at this time, so Mary could be back to sending Jesus after her haters once the COVID-19 surge dies down.

In other Mother Mary news (because there’s always something), Mary’s estranged parents recently spoke to Adam Coy Newell on Up and Adam about the RHOSLC star. Her mother disputes Mary’s story that she broke away from her after her grandmother “chose” Mary to be First Lady of the church. “I want her to get away from that man,” her mother said regarding Robert Sr. This is messy and not in a fun way at all. Sometimes the family drama exposed on reality TV just feels icky.


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Mary’s stepfather claims that Mary “does not want to be married to her step-grandfather, never did want to be married to him.” He claims Robert Sr. “convinced” Mary that her grandmother wanted her to take her place, but that’s not true. He also accused Robert Sr. of giving Mary money and lavish presents to entice her to be with him. Both Mary’s mom and step-father feel that Mary is a victim in the situation. Her step-dad added, “She better remove herself very quickly because under Bob Cosby, it is a cult.” Mary has denied all of the cult allegations in the past, but it would be nice for her to wrap up her story by explaining her side, rather than leaving the show without saying a word.


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