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Carl Radke Defends Lindsay Hubbard Amidst Austen Kroll Drama, Despite Still Being Friendly With Austen

We have barely cracked the surface of Summer House‘s new season, and already it’s clear to see what a positive addition Winter House has been to the Bravo line up. The crossover between Summer House and Southern Charm (plus or minus a few newbies) was nothing short of brilliant. My only complaint? The seasons are filled so long ago, that we have already processed, moved on, and let go of storylines well before episodes even air.

Case in point, the fallout between Austen Kroll‘s messy love triangle with Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller. Austen not only “chose” Ciara, but completely decimated the friendship he once held with Lindsay thanks to some ill worded responses on Watch What Happens Live. Thanks to the Summer House trailer, it looks like it looks like we will be reliving some portion of the Austen/Ciara/Lindsay triangle on the small screen this season. Even though, in real time, we know that Linds has already moved on and rekindled her relationship with Carl Radke.

This can’t be easy for Carlito to watch. The past is the past, yes. However, not only did he live through it, but he also now has a second showing to get through. I wonder if he regrets not appearing on Winter House?

According to Us WeeklyCarl and Lindsay have only been romantic since September of 2021, yet he still watched the infamous Watch What Happens episode. And while Carl and Austen are friendly, Carl still believes that, “Austen and Lindsay, I hope would have more of an adult conversation that Austen needs to lead. I did see some of the Watch What Happens. He was not great to her. I mean they are friends, like, they have a friendship, and that was not what a friend would do to someone, especially on a live program.”


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Carl explained that he and Austen interacted this winter when he was in Charleston throwing parities for Loverboy, the spiked tea and seltzer line created by Kyle Cooke and marketed by Amanda Batula. “Now I do like Austen, we are buddies, but I’ve given them the air on that one. I can talk to Austen and we’re cool, but I think at some point they’ll probably have a more adult conversation. But they were cordial and cool. We’re adults, but I understand why she was upset and that she has every right to be.” I just love how Carl sees things. He’s come so far.

Austen also seems to be just as supportive of the new couple as everyone else. According to Carl, it’s been obvious where he and Linds were headed for some time now. “I think people have kind of seen it slowly kind of brewing and it’s kind of, like, a little bit of a shock at first. But, I mean, when people hang out with us and see us in the last, you know, month or two, they wouldn’t miss a beat. Other than me calling her babe, it’s like nothing’s changed … because we do hang out all the time. We do have incredible chemistry. Now, things have just got a little more romantic, which has been — honestly, it’s been really, really good and exciting.”


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Gotta tell you, I’m really shipping this one to last. After all, the couple that coordinates Halloween costumes together, should stay together.


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