Erika Jayne Alters Instagram Caption After Fans Accuse Lisa Rinna Of Blackfishing

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are a lot of things, but in 2022, they are WORKING. The girls have already been filming the next season of the show because producers didn’t want to miss a minute of the Erika Jayne circus. Erika’s still in the midst of a $25 million lawsuit and a divorce from her (allegedly) shady lawyer husband Tom Girardi. But all Erika seems to be doing is trying to revive her “pop career” and looking for her next victim boyfriend. Oh, and acting totally delusional. Like, selling $700 at-home hair extensions levels of delusion. It can probably be described as a Pretty Mess, if you will.

The RHOBH ladies have been together a lot recently as a result of the show, meaning that Instagram is full of teasers. We know next season will be Erika-heavy, but there’s plenty of other drama going on in the meantime. Dorit Kemsley’s robbery, Kathy Hilton’s tiff with production, etc. As usual, Erika’s Instagram photos are stirring the pot with fans, but not in a fun way.

Erika and the RHOBH cast recently flooded our feeds with photos from a 70s party. For the girls that love glam, a theme is everything, so they went all out. Erika posted a snap of herself with Lisa Rinna, but Page Six reports that she changed the caption. Why, do you ask? Oh, because Rinna’s being Rinna and acting a fool. For once, it’s not for something that came out of her loose lips.


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The original caption of the photo read “Donna and Jerry” in reference to Donna Summer (Lisa) and Jerry Hall (Erika). However, the current photo reads “Cher and Jerry” after fans accused Rinna of blackfishing. One fan wrote, “If that is Donna Summers…… Rinna be hitting up the black face!” It’s not hard to put two and two together when Erika literally spelled it out in the caption, so no wonder she changed it.

Another fan commented, “Lisa Rinna stay problematic #blackfishing.” Let’s remember that Rinna’s daughter Amelia Hamlin has been accused of the same thing in the past — channeling Black aesthetics through makeup, fashion or other measures. Other fans refuted that Rinna could be a victim to a poor choice in an Instagram filter or a poorly-done spray tan. But the buzz was enough to check Erika’s behavior online, which isn’t something she does often. Her methods usually include turning off comments to avoid hearing anyone but herself at all.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]