Gina Kirschenheiter Shares Which Real Housewives Star She Bonded With Most While Filming Project Runway

All good things come to an end. As such, the latest season of Project Runway is coming to a close. Understandably, some viewers quit the show after the exit of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Regardless, I encourage you all to get back into it for the Real Housewives mash ups alone. This simply can’t be a one-and-done concept from Bravo.

The latest season of Project Runway featured an episode where designers had to create reunion garments for various Real Housewives. The line up included Shannon BeadorGina KirschenheiterWendy Osefo, Gizelle BryantKaren HugerLuann de Lesseps, and Leah McSweeney. The drama was a mess, and some of the designs were even worse.

Against all odds, Gina, in my humble opinion, walked away the star of this episode. She found herself soothing various designers who were feeling the pressure. Then, she gave a light smoking PSA. Don’t do drugs, kids. At least not in the casita. Finally, Gina was sent in front of the judges looking like a Hot Topic alien queen. Somehow she took it all in stride. Truly a mystifying experience.

During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live Gina admitted that she wasn’t so fond of her final dress. Andy Cohen agreed saying, “Didn’t love the outfit of course.” Gina then dished on who she enjoyed the most during filming.


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When asked which Housewife she met on the shoot and got along with best Gina replied, “You know what? Luann was really cool.” Fascinating choice. Gina explained, “She told me a lot about her past and her history, and I thought that was really interesting.” Cute, but why do I feel like Lu narrowed in on the meekest Housewife to regale with her former countessing lifestyle?

Gina also gushed, “I love Wendy. I laugh with her so much.” Another interesting choice. In case you missed it, Wendy and her designer had some lingering drama post-Project Runway filming. I’m personally fascinated to learn that she was laughing at all during the experience.

Gina also mentioned that she’s “always known” Gizelle and also enjoyed Leah. She finished the response with a people pleasing, “I love everybody!”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]