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Cynthia Bailey Says She Owes Shanna Moakler “A Huge Apology” For Evicting Her On Celebrity Big Brother

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey joined Celebrity Big Brother without much knowledge of how the game is played. Cynthia aligned herself with Queer Eye star Carson Kressley, Shanna Moakler, and entertainer Todrick Hall from the jump.

Then Todrick decided that he would rather join forces with challenge beast UFC champion Miesha Tate. When Miesha put the ever-popular Carson and Cynthia up for eviction, Shanna won the Power of Veto and saved Carson. Miesha and Todrick weren’t happy.

Carson won a Head of Household competition and he put actor Todd Bridges and Miesha up for eviction. Todrick told Carson and Cynthia that Shanna was playing both side of the house. Duh. This is CBB, right?

But then he lied and said that Shanna wanted Carson out. Miesha confirmed Todrick’s work of fiction, and for some inexplicable reason, Carson and Cynthia believed Todrick over Shanna. I actually screamed at my TV. Carson back-doored Shanna, and Carson was evicted shortly thereafter. Sigh.

“I owe her such a big apology, and that’s the one thing that I learned that is the most regrettable and has made me feel so awful because we should have listened to her and not the people that I thought we could trust, which we should have known better,” Carson said of Shanna after his Big Brother eviction.


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Cynthia didn’t win a single challenge, but she made it to the finale. Miesha evicted her and she was the final member of the jury. Unlike her fellow BB jurors, Cynthia didn’t have the advantage of watching the show before placing her vote. In the end, Miesha won a staggering seven out of eight votes, with only Cynthia voting for Todrick.

Cynthia spoke to Heavy before her phone was returned to her, but she already sensed that Todrick did her and Carson dirty. “I am still in shock,” Cynthia said. “I just cannot believe that that happened to us. If what I’m hearing is true, again I have not watched the show yet…I owe Shanna a huge apology.” Cynthia added, “Personal, public, whatever I have to do, I’m really gonna do whatever I have to do to make it right.”

So, why did Cynthia believe Todrick over Shanna? It turns out that Cynthia had her own doubts about Shanna. When Shanna voted to evict former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp, who was also in the alliance with Carson and Cynthia, she felt that was suspicious.


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“The alliance, which I thought meant something, had agreed that we would vote for Teddi, and at the last minute she (Shanna) didn’t,” Cynthia explained. Cynthia was also led to believe that Shanna knew that Miesha was planning to put her and Carson up for eviction but didn’t tell them.

“I will so admit when I’m wrong and I have no problem apologizing to Shanna,” the model stated. “My heart is just breaking at the thought that this even happened.” Same here, girl.

Cynthia, who got along well with Todrick, was shocked by the angry vibes during the CBB finale. Cynthia remarked, “I basically walked out and the whole cast was like stone-faced.” Cynthia added, “Okay, the energy’s kinda weird.”

The Atlanta peach was surprised at how furious the jury was at Todrick, but not at his ride-or-die, Miesha. Todrick was probably feeling the same. “I thought (that) was confusing because Miesha and Todrick were like one person in the house,” Cynthia commented.


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Of course, Todrick did much of Miesha’s dirty work while also acting like a friend to his fellow contestants. Todrick’s level of manipulation ruined his chances to win. Cynthia said, “I honestly don’t know what he was thinking.” The model continued, “Because he’s a Big Brother superfan…I’m actually surprised that he…would allow himself to even be in this position, to be honest.”


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