The challenge star Jordan Wiseley

The Challenge Star Jordan Wiseley Driving Supplies From Poland To Ukraine

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Jordan Wiseley is doing a good thing. The Challenge star flew to Poland with roommate Kevin Pasdon on a whim to help the people of Ukraine.

This news comes hot on the heels of the announcement that former Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankle sent $10 million dollars to aid Ukrainians fleeing the war. As of now, Bethenny’s BStrong Foundation has raised $25 million dollars for Ukraine. Andy Cohen even awarded the RHONY alum his “mazel” of the week for the work she was doing, on Watch What Happens Live. You go girl.

I love it when stars put their minds to helping, rather than reality chaos. Jordan went on TMZ to explain that he didn’t really have a plan, he just wanted to do something.

After watching the conflict develop over a few days, Jordan went to his roommate. “Kev, I know this is weird, but the last two days I’ve woken up wondering how could we get to the Ukraine, if we wanted to?” Kevin for his part had been telling his girlfriend that if something happened, “I feel like I need to be there.”

Jordan and Kevin flew to Warsaw, Poland with no real plan, other than getting as close to the border as they could. They fell in with a small group of individual strangers who all had the same mindset. When they went to the border they saw a man with a florescent vest and bullhorn and knew, “That’s the guy.”


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Jordan told ‘the guy.’ “We can do anything. I can carry anything you want. I can drive anything you want.” Jordan has a background in construction and could drive large trucks with manual transmission. Kevin was a former EMT and firefighter, so also had medical skills and large truck experience. There American Passports were even more important.

“I have a shipment of cargo that needs to go to soldiers in the Ukraine,” said ‘the guy.’ Which is where Jordan and Kevin came in. Kevin explained, “A lot of these… foreign nations that are wanting to help a for one reason or another their drivers cannot cross over, cause its out of the EU into the Ukraine. But because of our US Passports we’re able to.”

And so that’s what Jordan and Kevin have been doing ever since they arrived in Poland. Driving cargo and supplies across the border and back, whenever needed. Let’s file this under unselfish acts by reality stars, shall we?


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[Photo Credit: Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for The Museum of Selfies]