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Real Housewives Alum Jill Zarin Says Erika Jayne’s Spending Is “Gross”

It’s been years since Jill Zarin has graced our screens. Almost 10 years but who is counting? The former Real Housewives of New York left after season 4 and we only saw her briefly on screen for her beloved husband Bobby Zarin’s funeral. Since her time off the show, Jill has had some mild criticisms of what the franchise looks like now. A few months ago, she blamed RHONY’s tanking ratings on the fact that none of the housewives are married. Said Jill, “I think the biggest problem with the show, which nobody talks about, is it’s called The Real Housewives of New York. There isn’t one housewife. And there’s not one boyfriend. And I think the lack of male energy on the show is the problem.”

So despite Sonja Morgan hoping for Jill’s return, it doesn’t seem likely. Jill has signed on for Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 2. Which if its anything like season 1, will be a complete joy. And the cast is sure to keep it interesting. Aside from Midwestern Rite-Aid drama and calling Ramona Singer out for not paying her bills, Jill has mostly minded her business. It seems like she only pops up when she really has something to say. And right now, she has a lot to say about Erika Jayne of all people.

As reported by Reality Blurb, Jill took a recent episode oft he Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast to discuss her thoughts on Erika’s ermmm, situation. Said Jill, “I would’ve given back all my Birkin’s, I would have sold them all.” She added, “Like, the minute this whole thing happened, just the visibility of my gross spending, and it is gross… I’m a rich girl, and I could have whatever I want, it’s gross. I mean, just the amount of stuff, the amount of hoarding, the amount of crap. How much can you wear?”


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Jill continued, “When this came out that that money was ill-gotten, and I’m not saying that she knew about it, I believe that she completely didn’t know about it, I think she married a rich guy. She married a rich guy who gave her a platinum credit card and said go spend $10 million!”

She then concluded, “And so she did, and she should, but once she found out… I would definitely sell my jewelry, I mean, I would try to do something for these victims, even if it’s just, I hate to say it, even if it’s just for show.” Funny she should mention selling her jewelry. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is currently under fire for not turning over an expensive pair of earrings husband Tom Girardi gave her. The allegation is that the earrings were bought with his clients’ settlement money.

Despite a lot of housewives showing support for Erika, it sounds like Jill isn’t so sure. And while Erika hasn’t be convicted of any crime, fans agree that the optics are bad. Which is exactly what Jill is saying.


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Defiant in the beginning, Erika seems to have slowed down on her social media. But if this gets back to Erika, will she have a clap back for Jill? I can’t wait to find out.


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