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Tom Girardi’s Firm Owes “Hundreds Of Clients” More than $26 Million In Unpaid Settlement Funds

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have had it tough over the last few seasons. We’ve seen gang-ups, made-up plot lines and plenty of people not really owning it even Lisa Rinna. But thankfully, the Bravo gods seem to be giving us a reprieve thanks to the next drama-filled season.

The main point of interest is, of course, Erika Jayne’s legal issues and divorce. She filed for divorce from disgraced lawyer Tom Girardi last year, but it looks like it was an attempt to cover their assets. Because lawsuit after lawsuit came pouring in, showing that Tom might have stolen settlement money from his clients, many of whom suffered from traumatic events, to fund their lavish lifestyle. It all adds up — you really thought EJ was making enough money off her music career to afford $40k a month on glam? I don’t think so.

Since the original legal troubles last December, Tom lost his license to practice law and is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, Erika is being as tone-deaf as ever by posting over-the-top photos on Instagram that show off her expensive clothes and things. And trying to sell her clothes online amidst allegations of her attempting to protect her assets. At least, the ones that the bank hasn’t taken from her yet

And fans finally got a glimpse at the first trailer for Season 11, which shows Erika denying knowledge in the lawsuits. Hmm, that’s suspicious considering the timing of her divorce and decision to bring cheating allegations against Tom. And her signature’s been found on some papers that point toward her being somewhat compliant in this whole thing.


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Now, according to Us Weeklya trustee who is investigating the Girardi firm assets, claims the company owes at least $26 million in settlement funds. Those payouts are due to “anywhere from dozens to hundreds of clients,” Elissa Miller, the trustee, said.

It breaks down to $2 million of those funds being owed to victims of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash. The report also alleges the firm owes $11 million to a family who were victims of a 2010 gas pipeline explosion in California.

Miller said it was “most distressing” to find “evidence that many cases had settled but the clients had not received the funds from the settlement.” The report also notes that Tom’s LA office is “packed to the gills” with old case files, canceled checks, phone messages, publication mentions and more.


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Like I said, Erika will go down kicking and screaming before she actually owns up to this. Good for her — she’ll finally have a compelling storyline on RHOBH. And it’ll give Sutton Stracke plenty of opportunities to yell at her at dinner parties and it’ll allow Lisa Vanderpump to continue to throw shade in the press about EJ’s issues. Apparently, it’s so XXPen$ive to be Erika that you can’t even do it legally. 


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