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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: How To Spell Hypocrisy

The lives of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are in disarray this season. From personal woes to conflict among each other. These six ladies (and Traci Barber) may never be the same again. Nobody is off-limits.

Jennifer Aydin has the most beautiful family. I might be a bit biased because she was one of the first people to compliment me on the birth of my daughter last week. However, she shines in the solo scenes with her kids.

We’re getting a good old-fashioned one-on-one sitdown! Jennifer and Margaret Josephs are meeting to hash out all of their issues. Who knows? Maybe this sit-down will bring the two women closer together.

Jennifer says she wanted to protect her kids from Bill Aydin’s affair. It was easier for her to shove it under the rug. Jennifer’s hurt. She breaks down talking to Margaret, and it seems like Marge somewhat regrets her decision.

Marge said she never would’ve brought the affair to light if she knew nobody was aware. She had no inkling that Jennifer never once confided in anyone about Bill’s actions. She thought Jennifer was going to blow it off and not get as devastated as she is.

Bill’s so embarrassed because of the affair going public. Jennifer’s having a difficult time with this because she’s finally ready to address his affair. There’s a fear that she might realize not wanting to remain in her marriage.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer’s often wondered why Bill chose to cheat in the first place. What led to his decision to stray? Bill’s silence is defeating at this point. He’s not defending his wife. You shouldn’t have to be told to stick up for your wife.

Jennifer says Bill’s refusal to get involved is worse than infidelity. Due to their culture, Jennifer was silent when the affair first went down. All of these years later, she wants more out of Bill. She wants him to take a more prominent stance in her defense.

Marge feels bad for opening Pandora’s box and causing their marital issues. Technically, Marge isn’t even the issue here. The biggest issue is her never working through the issues of the past. It might hurt less in the present if she had.

Jennifer admits she played a role in how everything’s gone down. She owns up to hitting below the belt, and she says she’ll be more conscious of the comebacks during the drama. Jennifer even wants to attempt to make peace with Melissa Gorga.

However, Jennifer also shines a light on the overall hypocrisy of everyone in the group. She brings up her issues with Jackie Goldschneider, but Marge retorts with a comment about Jennifer’s digging for info. She says it happened after Jackie and Teresa Giudice made up, and Teresa never did any digging. Jennifer asks Marge how she knows Teresa wasn’t calling around. OH SNAP. Let’s GO.

Jennifer won’t say that she was calling around asking for info on Tre’s behalf. It’s so obvious Teresa is behind this. Typical! I love her anyway though.

Jennifer’s surprised to learn about the allegations of abuse against Louie Ruelas. Marge gets Jennifer wondering about Louie’s character. The biggest advancement in all of this is the idea of a ceasefire between Marge and Jennifer.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores Catania and Frank Catania spend so much time together for being divorced. Their chemistry is through the roof. Part of me wouldn’t hate the idea of them giving their romance another chance.

Dolores’ mom is spending another week in the hospital which is a big blow to the family. Getting her mother on a healthy regimen is going to be more difficult than it sounds.

Dolores is shocked to learn that David Principe talks about her all of the time. They haven’t had any communication with each other, but Frank thinks David’s hurt. There wasn’t much closure in this relationship.

Frank urges Dolores to find a boyfriend instead of sleeping around. He wants her to find the right guy who will treat her right. Hopefully, she finds her happily ever after in her next man.

Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

The team at the rehabilitation center wants Jackie to go to the live-in facility to get help. Evan Goldschneider wants her to do whatever they’re asking of her. He wants her to do whatever she can to live a long and happy life.

Antonia Gorga still has no interest in resuming her cheerleading activities. She hasn’t been the same since her torn ACL, and it’s concerning Melissa and Joe Gorga. Possible red flags on the horizon.

The tension between Bill and Jennifer is palpable. It hasn’t been the same since the exposure of the affair. Jennifer said at the time, not talking about the affair was the best way to cope. She wants to do whatever is needed to get back in a good place.

Bill’s finally sticking up for Jennifer, but it’s a shame he had to be pushed for it. He doesn’t want any part of the forgiveness she’s offering the group. It’s obvious he’s embarrassed and ashamed on some level and doesn’t want to speak on it. However, that silence is what caused a decade of resentment to build up in the first place.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Marge is concerned about Jackie’s choice not to do the inpatient treatment for her eating disorder. She doesn’t want anything bad happening to her friend, but she’s been concerned for a while. Also, she doesn’t want to push too hard because Jackie tends to blow up on this topic.

David’s offering to look after Dolores’ mother, but it’s not happening. He’s still not speaking to Dolores. It’s like a dagger to her heart. Why can’t they have a simple conversation?

Dolores wants to feel all of the bad feelings to grow. Jennifer equates it to her marriage woes. She’s still devastated about the state of her marriage. It would be nice if they can make things work.

Jackie doesn’t want to give Jennifer the benefit of the doubt because of Evan. Marge shares the information with Jackie about Tre’s possible digging which enrages Jackie. Everyone in this group is getting so comfortable trying to wreck each other’s personal lives. It’s quite sad to witness.

Teresa’s pissed that Marge or Traci would keep bringing up Louie and the allegations. I have a feeling the tree course event Traci’s hosting will be nothing but a drama fest. Teresa vs Margaret is about to kick into high gear.

The tree course looks terrifying. These women freak out so easily on each other, so trusting while blindfolded is a big ask. However, the primary conversations are all about Jennifer and the state of her marriage. It’s hanging on by the teeniest of threads by the way Marge makes it sound.

Why is Dolores totally fine with Jennfier taking the complete fall for the digging? Teresa is so obviously behind all of this, but Dolo is on her ride or die BS again. Give me a break with her definition of loyalty.

Teresa’s longest-serving puppet Dolores fills everyone in about Tre’s plan to come in hot. She’s in a rage because of Traci and Marge’s recent comments about Louie. Let’s not dare pop the love bubble. It’s red flag central, but okay.

Teresa doesn’t want to be at the treescape, and she’s not even trying to hide it. She’s already on a rampage and ranting about how dumb the experience is. She also has no idea that Jennifer’s upset with the lack of vocal support from Teresa. She’s not getting the same energy back from Tre that she gives her.

Teresa doesn’t understand how she’s a hypocrite for digging dirt on Evan but not wanting anyone to question Louie. Make it make sense. I don’t want a legion of Tre Huggers after me for this, but maybe Tre’s time is up. She doesn’t enjoy the show, and she wants her relationship private. Nothing is private when you’re on a reality show.

Teresa says Marge looks like shit, and Marge says Tre looked like shit all last year. This is it, folks. We’re off to the races with this Teresa vs Margaret feud!


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