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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Stuck In The Middle Of Lady Drama

Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs’ feud has received new levels of chaos. Tre went from 0 to 100 when she threw the entire table (basically) at Marge’s face. I understand she doesn’t want Marge in her business, but there need to be lines when it comes to physical contact.

Frank Catania doesn’t think anything Marge has done is bad. He doesn’t think it’s unusual to want answers to questions. I can see where he’s coming from because she’s not creating these topics out of thin air. She’s only discussing things that are already circulating in the press about Louie Ruelas.

Marge thinks Teresa owes her an apology, but good luck getting one. Tre’s coming in hot. That’s what she always does. She’s going to be at the next dinner which is crazy after how the other one ended.

Jennifer Aydin wants to know what Marge can’t just acknowledge that it bothers Tre that she’s asking questions. There’s a double standard though. Tre can say whatever she wants and dig up dirt, but nobody else can? That’s crazy talk.

Joe Gorga says everything’s frustrating for Teresa, so they should give her a break. I enjoy Teresa, BUT she’s not some innocent victim here. She plays just as dirty as anyone else in this group. Everyone’s forever making excuses for her inexcusable behavior.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Dolores Catania wants to diffuse the situation with Teresa because she’s her puppet. That’s not the real reason, but that’s how it feels most of the time. She frequently turns her back on everyone else to protect precious Tre.

Dolores’ goal is to talk some sense into Teresa on a Nashville shopping trip. Good luck Dolo. When Teresa sets her sights on someone, she can be relentless. She should know that given the amount of time they’ve been friends.

Once again, Jersey is hellbent on making the husbands happen. Why do they get their scenes? This is HouseWIVES. Plain and simple.

The ladies are recording a song. How fun! You know Melissa Gorga is ready to put her talents on display. It’s an opportunity to showcase herself as the WISH version of Jennifer Lopez.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

I guess I can’t comprehend why Dolores always has to kiss Teresa’s ass? I’m not necessarily against Teresa here, but everyone is always so scared to go against her.

The women are officially recording their song, and it’s so awkward. Let me flee. Let me fun to another room. IT IS SO BAD. Dolores and Teresa are having a far less uncomfortable conversation than whatever pitchy mess this is.

At the same time as these other encounters, all of the men are getting trashed on a boat and drinking out of dildos. What a wild time. Three very different vibes.

Teresa says Marge needs to watch the way she talks because eventually she’ll get attacked. Dolores tells her it’s probably best to walk away. No matter what Dolores is saying, Tre thinks Marge needs to be ashamed of herself. Everything she’s telling Teresa is going in one ear and out the other.

Margaret can’t be serious if she genuinely thinks Teresa would ever show up and apologize. It’s never going to happen. She’s been friends with her long enough to know that’s never going to happen. It’s bordering on delusional to even think that.

The men return to the house, and they are LOADED. The combination of 15 drinks and the sun was a combo that hit each of them so damn hard. It’s hilarious though.

Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Joe makes a good point about not every man being willing to accept Teresa’s rage. However, Louie is the exception to the rule. He has a genuine love for Teresa, and he’s willing to put up with it.

Marge doesn’t want to speak to Tre at dinner. The less communication between the two of them, the better. Their interaction is the most combustible element of the dinner. If they decide to hash things out, the night’s going to be ruined for everyone. Let’s get through one meal without an explosion of drama.

Melissa warns that everyone should brace themselves because Teresa’s not even close to being over this. Hold onto your seats because the queen of Jersey is out for blood.

Before dinner, everyone does a line dance that I’d need an absorbent amount of cocktails to ensure. I could only hear “heel-toe” so many times before I imploded.

The girls play their song for everyone, and Teresa’s not amused. She thinks it’s trash, and she doesn’t care about the underlying message of friendship. It’s blatantly clear she’s looking for Round 2 with Margaret, so let’s get it over with.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

At dinner, Teresa apologizes to the group for her actions the night prior. She says she loves Louie very much and when someone hurts him, they’re hurting her. She claims she was provoked as well. Technically she was, but that apology was trash.

It’s not the best apology, but do we have to drag this out even more? This is the best Marge is ever going to get from Teresa. Jennifer plays bone carrier and tells Teresa that Marge hates the apology.

Joe says there was progress for Teresa. A few years ago, Tre would never utter an apology in any way, shape, or form. Teresa comments on Margaret always eating dinner. Why body shame her? That’s just gross.

Why is everyone sitting there and condoning the way she body shames Margaret at every turn? Of course, Teresa wants to drag Melissa into this and force her into an awkward position. She even told Melissa that if she doesn’t straighten Margaret out, they won’t have a relationship.

Teresa’s being so gross at this down. Melissa’s in the worst position ever. Teresa wants to say this is disgusting, but SHE is the one dragging this shit out. I’ve never seen someone so stubborn and delusional in my life.


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