Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 14 Premiere Recap: Carrying Bones From Atlanta To Paris

The peaches are back! Finally, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back on our screens. Everyone’s favorite OG (not named NeNe Leakes) is back! She by Sheree is the MOMENT! Not only that, but Marlo Hampton finally has her peach. This season is going to be GOOD.

The season kicks off with Kenya Moore practicing her dance moves. I guess she was able to show her Dancing with the Stars stuff after all. I guess you shouldn’t always believe rumors. Big props for Kenya’s success.

Kenya loves her dance partner, and it looks like she might be smitten. I mean, I can see why. He’s quite easy on the eyes and an incredible dancer.

Kandi Burruss drops by the dance studio to hang with Kenya. The newest peach holder Marlo is there as well! My new favorite thing is Marlo introducing herself as if we haven’t known her for years. Embrace your newfound peach status. We are LIVING for this moment.

Anyway, Kandi says people still don’t know what Marlo does for a living. She owns and operates a fashion showroom that rents out designer pieces. That’s not what I was expecting.

Marlo’s planning a gala to introduce her business to everyone in Atlanta. This is Marlo’s moment. If someone doesn’t show up with a drumline, I’m rioting.

Kandi shades Marlo for riding the fact that she dated a billionaire for all of these years. Forget all of that though because SHEREE WHITFIELD IS BACK! Who gon’ check her boo?

The first question when Sheree arrives is Kenya asking about Tyrone Gilliams. However, Tyrone is FINALLY home. No more prison bae. He’s on the outside as a free man. I can’t believe she waited this many years for Tyrone. That’s commitment.

Unfortunately, Tyrone was paroled to Philly, so he can’t come to Atlanta yet. In terms of the group, Kenya and Sheree are in a much better place because Sheree doesn’t think Kenya’s a mean girl anymore.

Sheree’s not giving Tyrone any of that good time loving which has all of the ladies flabbergasted. DID SHE WAIT THIS ENTIRE TIME? Lord.

Kenya and Marc Daly are still married in the world’s longest divorce. This is approaching Bethenny Frankel levels of length. Why can’t she fully pull the plug on this sham of a marriage? It’s time.

Marlo asks Kandi if she and Todd Tucker are sleeping together five times a week and giving blowjobs. Well, damn, Marlo. That’s direct to the point. However, Kandi and Todd aren’t doing as much because they’re always tired. Marlo says Kandi should quit one of her many jobs to have sex with her man. She has her peach, and she’s trying to give the world’s worst life coaching.

Sanya Richards-Ross Real Housewives Of Atlanta

A Marlo solo scene! Now that she has her peach, we can finally see a glimpse into her elusive personal life. She’s still raising her nephews because their mother is currently in prison. It’s a lot for her to take on, and this is so much longer than she ever expected.

Marlo thought the boys were staying with her for a weekend, but now it’s approaching three weeks. Her life changed overnight in her new role as their primary caretaker. It’s a side of Marlo I never thought we’d ever get to see. It adds so much depth to her.

The boys’ lifestyle is more extravagant than they’re used to, so she wants them to never forget where they came from. I love getting to see a softer side of her. She’s not entirely about the drama.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman are still on their bullshit. Their marriage gives off the weirdest vibes. She already feels somewhat disconnected from the rest of the group. Eh. I’m trying to be open-minded about Drew this season, but she makes it difficult. Last season, she was doing the most.

Drew introduces us to Sanya Richards-Ross who already has electric energy. She’s going to be a great addition to the group. Drew wants Sanya to be involved in her 21 days weight loss program. Eh.

Drew was approached to be the face of this, and now it’s taking off across the nation. Sure, Jan. Drew says she was a track star in high school and could’ve gone to the Olympics. The two of them race to see who the fastest is, and naturally, Sanya smokes her.

Drew’s workout is honestly embarrassing in comparison to Sanya. This makes Sanya confused as to how Drew has her workout program. Same girl.

Drew doesn’t know where she fully stands with Ralph because new issues have arrived. These two are forever giving us messy marriage problems. Drew found messages on Ralph’s phone from a woman wanting to give him a massage. Read between the lines Drew. I mean, come on.

Kandi Burruss Marlo Hampton Sanya Richards-Ross Real Housewives Of Atlanta

WOW. We get to see Kenya’s daughter on the show this year. Her face doesn’t have to be blurred out. I guess progress is being made with Marc.

Marlo sends all of the women the most extra invitation ever. A woman dressed for the Met Gala shows up at all of their houses and gives an invitation from a computer. Everything was great until she brought out the computer. The execution was off with this one.

Sanya’s family moved to the United States when she was 12, but Jamaica still has her heart. She’s been with her husband for more than half of her life. I’ve only been married for six months, so I couldn’ve even imagine that timeline. That feels like a lifetime! I hope to achieve it.

Sanya doesn’t want to have another child because she thinks it’ll negatively strain her marriage. Some marriage tension right out of the gate. That’s tough. Please don’t start the same way Drew did. It’s weird when we don’t know you. Let us in gradually because it’s too much too soon.

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew’s launching a meal prep business and asking Sanya and Kandi to give some feedback. Drew claims she lost 25 lbs in three weeks, but everyone thinks she got the mommy makeover. They feel duped by the words coming out of her mouth.

Ralph walks in during Drew telling Kandi and Sanya about his relationship with the assistant. He walks in and immediately gets defensive. He’s making a ton of excuses for his highly inappropriate relationship with this woman.

This all is coming off iffy because his track record sucks. This is another bizarre moment. For the weirdest thing of the night so far, there was a commercial featuring Sheree and Kenya in the multiverse.

I’m kind of excited about Marlo’s event. This is her first big moment as a peach holder. This could be a make-or-break moment for Marlo. I expect her to pull out all of the stops for this to impress the other women.

All of the women are confused about how Marlo’s company works. How does Marlo get the pieces she’s showing off? The event space looks expensive, but, weirdly, there’s just a bunch of mannequins lying around.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew doesn’t want any drama with Kenya, so it seems like they’re genuinely starting fresh. Everyone’s waiting around for Marlo to show up because she’s highly late. The event itself has no food, so everyone’s standing there confused and hungry.

Drew tells Kenya she knows they didn’t connect last season, but she wants a clean slate. Thankfully, Kenya’s willing to start over with her. She’s ready to make nice since their fight wasn’t that deep.

Marlo finally makes her grand entrance to her event, and it’s underwhelming. She’s renting out HER clothing. That’s sort of weird, but alright. This event is lackluster, to say the least. If I wanted to rent someone else’s clothing, I’d look on Poshmark. Period.

Kenya thinks this misses the mark when it comes to business and production. I can’t put into words the scrunchie on my wife’s wrist that Marlo’s wearing. This is making everyone reignite the question as to how Marlo’s making her money. How can she afford this because we’ve never seen her have a real job?

Marlo already feels disrespected by Kenya and starts dragging everything about her. She even says Kenya needs to get her house pressure washed. Marlo doesn’t waste any time and immediately confronts Kenya about her comments.

Kenya won’t talk to Marlo because she’s hurting. However, even though everyone commented on Marlo’s show, she’s only directed her energy at Kenya, Drew, and Kandi. It’s Marlo reading everyone at her party for no real reason for me. I LIVE.


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