Lindsay Hubbard Doesn’t Know Why Paige DeSorbo Is Mad At Her

Believe it or not, another season of Summer House has come to an end, and somehow, Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke actually made it to the altar. Summer should be fun, but it’s impossible when all of the Hamptons roomies are fighting. We don’t have to cheers our LoverBoys goodbye to Season 6 just yet — we have quite the reunion to look forward to. If one thing’s for sure, we’re going to have to hear wayyy too much about the Austen Kroll of it all. Pass me some pizza and rosé for all of this.

Bravo has released a dramatic trailer for the Summer House reunion that has me ready for Winter House to premiere ASAP. The group has to relive Ciara Miller throwing a wine glass at Danielle Olivera that’s sure to bring up some tough feelings. Of course, some of the roomies are taking sides. Paige DeSorbo is obviously #TeamCiara while it’s physically impossible for Lindsay Hubbard and Dani to not back each other up. I smell a rivalry incoming.

The tension between HubbHouse and Paige reaches a boiling point by the end of the trailer. Paige refuses to even look at Lindsay and calls out Carl Radke for backing up his new boo. As if Paige wouldn’t do the same for Craig Conover, even when he falls victim to the Southern Charm Peter Pan syndrome from time to time.

It’s unclear if Danielle vs. Ciara is the root of Paige and Lindsay’s issues, or if there’s more to the story. Apparently, HubbHouse isn’t exactly sure why Paige isn’t itching to double date with her and Carl anytime soon. Maybe they were really hoping for Paige to come to her senses and end up with Andrea Denver. Who even knows.

Instagram account @commentsbybravo reposted a rumor from @queensofbravo regarding Paige and Lindsay’s feud. The post mentioned that Winter House Season 2 was filmed in February while the Summer House reunion was shot in April. Apparently, the ladies didn’t leave either get-together on a good note.

Lindsay commented on the post, questioning why there are even issues in the first place. “When you find out why, let me know,” she wrote with a laughing emoji. HubbHouse can sometimes be living her own fantasy, so it’s not too surprising to hear that she’s out of the loop. One thing is for sure: our messy Queen Paige is definitely going to let us know why she has beef with Lindsay sooner or later. Let’s hope the table flipping can be kept to a minimum — this isn’t Real Housewives of New Jersey. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]