Joe Gorga Says Real Housewives Of New Jersey Is Epic Because Of His Family Drama With Teresa Giudice

Joe Gorga may not be a “bitch boy” but he certainly gets emotionally involved and tends to lack self-awareness in the matter in which he gets involved.  His interactions with niece Gia Giudice was rather telling of that.  Joe would rather play victim than really absorb the boundaries Gia wanted to set regarding her father Joe Giudice.

Indeed, Joe’s feud with his former brother-in-law runs deep.  He blames Joe for causing suffering to his parents. So even though the latter is now living in the Bahamas, Teresa’s brother can’t let him go.  In some strange complex, Joe seems to want to overcompensate, or step in as a father figure to his nieces.

And after so many seasons on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, viewers know Joe’s true level of support depends on who you ask.  Teresa always questioned her brother’s loyalty, and Joe claims his sister should be more indebted to him than she is.  He recently took his statements to a point that he quickly had to backpedal on.

Joe appeared on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live and was grilled on a statement he made on his wife, Melissa Gorga’s, podcast. Of course, it was something histrionic and exaggerated. During interview, host Andy Cohen asked Joe, “Why did you promise not to talk about the Giudice’s only to go on Melissa’s podcast to do just that.  Do you really believe your nieces would have been homeless and not have food if it wasn’t for you.”

“Well I didn’t mean homeless,” Joe answered, “What I meant was, we kept the show going. Because we went through a downfall.”

Certainly the money from the show kept the family afloat when Teresa and then Joe “went away.” Perhaps without RHONJ, the Giudice’s would have had to downsize, but homeless?  Seems to me, Teresa can hustle far better than that.  Let’s face it, she’s carried the show and it was a hit before her brother and Melissa came on.


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Andy suggested just that.  He said, “other people pointed out though, that we did shut production for awhile until Teresa came out.”

“Correct,” Joe answered, “and then when we do film…listen, we have a story line. This show has been epic because of the family drama.”

“That you’re involved with,” Andy answered, “There you go.” It’s a stretch for Joe to claim as much influence as he thinks he has.  Very much a stretch. Andy did help him out a little bit with that one.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]