Lisa Rinna Accuses Kathy Hilton Of Being “A Homophobic Racist” In Leaked DM Screenshots

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is slowly heating up to transform Kathy Hilton from the fan-favorite Friend Of to the potential villain of the season. Well, it’s looking like it’s either going to be her or Diana Jenkins. Erika Jayne is supportive of anyone taking the spotlight off of her mess for a moment. Oy vey.

Kathy is getting a turn at feuding with her sister Kyle Richards on RHOBH. Yet again, Lisa Rinna is inserting herself in the middle. What is her fascination with stoking this fire? An even better question is why Kyle continues to be so buddy-buddy with Rinna, especially after the history between Rinna and Kim Richards. Make it make sense.

Kathy will also be in the hot seat for allegedly using some offensive language at some point in the season. It’s all confusing. It may or may not involve a homophobic slur, some cease and desists, and a division in the group. Drama, drama, drama.

Instagram account @therealhousewiveszone has revealed some screenshots of alleged DMs from Rinna that make us even more confused about Kathy’s upcoming issues. In the messages, Rinna refers to whatever Kathy did to upset her and her Ice Queen sidekick as “hideous.”

“Here’s the thing if you’re gonna be on a reality show honey and you’re a homophobic racist you probably should’ve stayed home,” Rinna wrote. There’s no misconstruing those words. Now Rinna better owns it once the truth comes to light, regardless. Kathy definitely has some explaining to do, too.

Rinna went on to make a statement that the behavior runs in the family, referring to someone’s mom. “When it all starts coming out do some googling and see where those words have been thrown around before,” she wrote. So there are two explanations: she’s either insulting Kim, Kyle, and Kathy’s late mother, or she’s referring to Kathy’s parenting of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton. Either way, it’s a lofty statement to make. Andy Cohen, don’t forget to make her own this one at the reunion.

If Rinna’s telling the truth about Kathy’s statements, it shows that she’s hiding a dark side behind her goofy antics and box fans. The Richards sisters have a mysterious past and always keep a few skeletons in their massive closets. It’s also confusing that my personal favs Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais are supporting Kathy. I don’t see them doubling down if what Rinna is saying is true, but who knows. Everything is not what it seems in Beverly Hills, darlings.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]