Sutton Stracke Slams Rumors That Kathy Hilton Called Her Assistant A Homophobic Slur; Says “Untruths Need To Be Squashed”

Season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sounds like it will be overflowing with drama. Even more surprising is that Kyle Richards’ goofy and breezy sister, Kathy Hilton, is at the center of it all. I loved Kathy last season lugging her box fan around and chugging Red Bull in the middle of the night.

There were rumors that Kathy allegedly had an argument with a member of the staff at a private club in Aspen. Of course, this reportedly happened after the RHOBH cast had stopped filming for the night. After that incident, Kathy allegedly refused to film.

Then Kathy sent a message via Instagram to her husband, Rick Hilton. “Please call me I need to get out of here now!!!!!” Kathy posted. The post has since been deleted.

It seems like something happened between Lisa Rinna and Kathy. Rinna posted a head-scratching comment in her Instagram Story. “Oh damn are we back to cease and desist? Ooof,” Rinna wrote before deleting the post.

Many suspected that it was Kathy that sent the legal paperwork. Kathy’s rep stated that Kathy “has not sent a C&D to Rinna.” Rinna also slammed Kathy for apparently skipping the Season 12 finale.

In March of 2022, Erika Jayne made a startling claim against Kathy. An insider reported that “Erika alleges that Kathy made a harsh slur against an employee off-camera.” Kathy didn’t attend the launch party for Erika’s hair extension line in the wake of the drama.

Enter Sutton Stracke, who tirelessly questioned Erika last season about her legal issues. A fan asked Sutton on her Instagram page, “Did Kathy Hilton really use a slur when talking about your assistant?” Sutton’s response? “No.”

Sutton went even further. She shared a photo on Instagram of herself with her assistant, Josh Roberts, and RHOBH co-star Kathy. “Josh is the best. And he got a promotion yesterday. He is no longer my assistant,” Sutton wrote in the caption. “He executes everything we do around here with grace and style, and we have fun while doing it! And @kathyhilton has been nothing but kind and respectful to him,” she added.

Sutton told Page Six why she quickly shut down the rumor that Kathy uttered a homophobic comment about her assistant. “I don’t read a lot of stuff. There were … online things I didn’t even know existed,” Sutton remarked. “I honestly am running a business and making it grow and have my children and I’ve got family in Georgia.”


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The boutique owner continued, “I have things. And so, I miss a lot. But when I saw that about Josh, that’s going to make me not happy because untruths need to be squashed.” Sutton added, “And no one ever said that. Josh was not even in Aspen. This was ridiculous.”

Sutton said of Josh and Kathy, “They like each other, they respect each other. And that had to be put to an end.”

During Season 12 of RHOBH, Sutton said that her friendship with Kathy deepened, and she even had a sisterly bond with Kyle. “I am friends with both of them. Kyle and I have become really great friends. Josh witnesses us together,” Sutton explained. “We were together at Stagecoach last weekend, and he was like, ‘You and Kyle are just like sisters.’” I did not have that on my Season 12 bingo card.

“So, I guess now I get to be one of the sisters and I think it’s been great. We can spar a little bit. But I love Kyle so much and I feel so grateful even to say that I feel like we’re sisters,” Sutton commented.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]