Erika Jayne Doubles-Down That She’s Being Extorted By Lawyers After Being Accused Of Hindering $5 Million Investigation

Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne are doing the most on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s quite obviously a feeble attempt to make fans forget about Erika and Tom Girardi’s never-ending legal battles. Erika will claim everything is dismissed and she’s a free woman, even though the investigation is far from over. It’s why I’m pretty sure they’re trying to spotlight Kathy Hilton as this season’s villain. Anyone who isn’t in Fox Force Five is a target. Not so fast, EJ, we’re still keeping an eye on you.

Recently, Erika’s been accused of hindering a $5 million investigation when it comes to her company, EJ Global. Her enemy, Ronald Richards, is an attorney representing two lawyers who believe that EJ Global used money that they are owed from settlements they worked on with Tom to fund her over-the-top life.

Apparently, in order to move forward with the investigation, Erika needs to file some taxes. She’s ordered to file a report by the end of June to prove she’s taking steps on reviving EJ Global, even though she’s seemingly hoping it will go away quietly. Just a few weeks ago, she requested to keep her financial records confidential because she doesn’t want us to see all of the ALLEGED skeletons in her closet. Meanwhile, her attorney is sticking to the idea that Erika is only an interest holder of EJ Global LLC, the company NAMED after her. Therefore, Tom (and his decling health), his firm, and their accountants are responsible for the $5 million. Again, and we’re supposed to focus all of our attention on Kathy when this is going down?

Now, Erika is crying extortion yet again against Ronald and taking things to social media. In her mind, that’s what makes sense, which is a frightening thought. According to Page SixErika posted a screenshot of an email from her attorney Evan Borges in response to the lawsuit against his client. Evan referred to Ronald as a “Twitter obsessed attorney” which sounds like it should be my defacto title after following all of this nonsense for nearly two years. Anyway, Evan claims that Ronald just wants to expose private information or else, which they consider extortion. Erika saw the buzzword in her attorney’s email and decided to share it with the world. Yes, the same woman who wants the financial information of her businesses private is sharing confidential emails with her attorney. Make it make sense.

Erika’s caption read, “Extortion. This is what I’m dealing with.” Like okay?  What are we supposed to do about that? You can’t get an army of RHOBH fans to make an impact on an extremely complex financial investigation. Is she just trying to shade Ronald Richards yet again like he’s a housewife? Maybe she secretly has a crush on him? (Probably not, but that’s how delusional this situation makes me)

Ronald has been around the block with Erika so it seems like no sweat off of his back. In more legal terms, he basically criticized Erika’s accusations of extortion while wanting to conceal facts (AKA her financial records) in her case. “We have a trial September 12, 2022 and no matter how hard Erika tries, the truth will come out in a public courtroom,” Ronald said. It’s about time. Let’s make Erika own it (allegedly) on the witness stand finally. It’s time for everyone, especially the victims, to get some answers.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]