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Erika Jayne Denies Withholding Financial Info In Bankruptcy Case; Requests To Have Attorney Ronald Richards Removed For Second Time

This week Erika Jayne continues her battle against accusations of hiding equity and the heartbreak of ill-fitting sweatpants. We will probably find the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star papped at Applebee’s, where she’ll dare anyone to comment on ordering a side of suffering for orphans with her 2 for $20 Fiesta Lime Chicken dinner. EJ is on a budget due to Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy case and no one is more delighted than attorney, and thorn in Erika’s side, Ronald Richards.

Erika doesn’t appreciate Ron’s dedication to educating the public via social media on legal matters. She denies withholding financial information and wants everyone to know Ron is a big old meanie. She feels violated! She feels harassed! Denise Richards, any comments? Erika is trying to get Ronald removed from the bankruptcy case again for unfairly targeting her. Unfortunately for Erika, Ron and Karma don’t die, they multiply.

Last week’s RHOBH episode saw Erika “letting go” of expensive luxuries including her Lambo, mansion, and meal ticket husband. Apparently she didn’t “let go” of financial records when requested, which motivated Ronald to go after Erika’s business people. According to Page Six, new legal docs state EJ’s lawyers assert she “has been and remains willing to cooperate fully”. Further, they demand Ron be removed from the case “for making false and inflammatory” statements about EJ on social media. Not that Erika has any previous personal experience with false and inflammatory statements.

On Friday, Erika again filed to remove Ronald from the case citing unprofessional conduct. Instagram account Bravobravoduckingbravo shared the info. Erika’s camp calls out Ron’s heavy Twitter presence and calls him unethical. They also highlight a “vicious exchange” with another Girardi creditor on Twitter, if “vicious exchange” translates into answering a question. Legal papers provided reasons Ronald should be removed, including prejudice against Erika’s rights through “wholly improper, conclusory, and unfounded public vilification“. Wholly improper, conclusory, and unfounded public vilification? Is this a bankruptcy case or “Denise’s Story“, Season 10 of RHOBH?


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Erika’s lawyers are also focused on Ronald’s catty Twitter convos with someone else waiting in the line to get paid back from Tom. Ronald didn’t appear to reach out to this person directly, he was responding to questions he was being asked. Erika’s attorneys also point out Ronald’s involvement in The Hustler and the Housewife, which he allegedly failed to disclose. Ron was edited out of the production after being appointed Special Investigator on Tom’s case. Friends, this is what we like to call, stalling for time.

EJ’s attorneys state, “Jayne is not a media fiction. She is a real person with rights, including the right to be treated fairly in these proceedings…”. Um, also her last name isn’t really Jayne, but go ahead with that she isn’t media fiction part. No word on the rights of the man trying to pay medical bills after suffering burns over 90% of his body. Ronald rolled his lawyer eyes and said, “Not a single professional of Erika’s has cooperated with our office regarding the Girardi Keese estate. This motion is designed to slow down our work. This does not look like cooperation,” he explained.


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Ron added, “The first amendment does not leave itself in the doorways of the courthouse and the motion is a transparent attempt to interfere with the Trustee’s choice of counsel. Simply submitting innocuous and inadmissible hearsay comments on publicly filed documents does not create any relevant or actionable information.” Roughly 75% of Bravo content is innocuous and inadmissible hearsay comments, so Erika should be familiar with the concept.

Now we wait to find out if EJ wins her bid to get rid of Ronnie once and for all, but the judge could throw out the request since he just did this two weeks ago. In the interim, Erika might want to go pick up a parka, scarf, and gloves for her finances because they are about to board a plane for Artic Circle where the only thing colder than Erika’s personality will be her frozen bank account.


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