The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 14

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 14 Reunion Looks: Who Was The Best Dressed?

If there’s one thing that the Real Housewives of Atlanta have mastered, it’s the art of being extra.  It’s not in their nature to hold back anything, whether it’s their opinions about someone’s hosting abilities or their shamelessness in crashing someone’s event with a marching band to promote their own business. That over-the-top attitude also lends itself to the Peaches’ fashion choices, which is just another reason for us to love them.

RHOA has had a lot of fashion moments. Sheree Whitfield’s fashion show with no fashions and Marlo Hampton’s Le’Archive gala have served as settings for some of the show’s most memorable scenes. When it comes to reunions, the RHOA ladies know what they’re doing. They always understand the assignment in their own way and will wear whatever artistic creation with pride, even if it’s a bit questionable.

We decided to take a look at what our RHOA peaches decided to wear to the Season 14 reunion and rank each look on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Each RHOA lady has their own sense of style and we love that, but sometimes their fashion choices have us looking at them as critically as Dwight Eubanks would.

Kandi Burruss

Miss Kandi Burrus has been around the reunion block more than any of her RHOA Season 14 co-stars, so she knows how to serve a look. All of the ladies went for a peach/pink/orange color palette, and Kandi Yams gave us a hearty serving of pink velvet. The dress has a high slit, a one-hanging shoulder detail, and a whole lot of beautiful gold detailing across the front. It’s a dress you’d expect a vet to show up to the reunion in. She keeps it fresh with a half-up hairdo that features a fun mix of curls and dreads, and her glam is sultry and on-point. The look is a million times better than her dominatrix look from Season 13 with those dreadful bangs, so Miss Kandi earns herself a 9/10.

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree is back, back, back again, but the OG of RHOA was a little lackluster with her reunion look. Don’t get us wrong — Sheree’s a knock-out and her boobs are on full display, as they should be. However, the dress feels unfished. It’s a long peach gown with an odd hip detail that seems plain and out of place. It would have been better if the detail was beaded or at least made out of a different fabric to make it stand out. The dress is one-shouldered with the cleavage cutout, so the diamond necklace feels like an unnecessary addition. Sheree may have mentioned not having a pleasant visit to the hair salon recently during the reunion, but her hair was the best part of her look. The beach waves were a mix of brown and icy blond that honestly save her look from being dreadfully plain. She by Sheree, don’t check us boo because you got yourself a 6/10 for this look.

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is a pageant queen and one of the most beautiful Real Housewives of all time, so it’s hard for her to look bad. Thankfully, Twirl didn’t let her looks speak for themselves and showed up to the reunion with a whole lewk, baby. First, her hair was big and curly which was giving us carefree, drunk Kenya, which is the best version of Twirl. Her two-toned dress is simple but with enough pizzazz to keep it interesting. It’s a firey orange two-toned gown with a shiny panel peaking out at the chest and on the waist, which are also areas on the gown with harsher edges that totally accentuate Twirl’s figure. The long earrings, the fresh-faced glam, and the simple shoes are the cherry on top of this 8/10 look.

Marlo Hampton

Marlo definitely isn’t a stranger to an RHOA reunion, but she was obviously going to show up and show out at her first reunion with a peach. Marlo’s looks are always going to be distinctly her style and not something everyone would wear, but it always suits her. Her reunion looks is almost like a two-piece dress connected at the waist that is adorned with jeweled fabric and tulle. It’s important to note that Sheree, Marlo, and Sanya Richards Ross all had their dresses designed by the same company, but the only major similarity is the bright color palette of all three gowns. Marlo is giving us couture. She’s giving us legs and hips and body. She’s giving us a long, snatched slick hairdo. Ultimately, she’s giving us pure Marlo. The biggest critique is her gold shoes, which are gorgeous on their own, but she could’ve found something that better fit the vibe of the dress. Marlo earns herself a 7/10 for this look that is unequivocally Le’Archive.

Sanya Richards Ross

Sanya’s first reunion dress is about as confusing as her first season. I loved the fiery Jamaican with an amazing success story, but it was interesting to see her tactics for gelling with the RHOA ladies. As for her dress, to say there’s a lot going on is an understatement. The dress has a satin corset-looking half complete with a long hot-pink train. Then, the other half is a bejeweled light pink gown that goes all the way up to her neck. The makeup is flawless and her short hair is something fun and different for Sanya. The dress would’ve been a million times better if it picked an identity. Personally, we would’ve liked to see the hot pink satin side make up the entire dress, and then Sanya may have done enough to get higher than a 5/10.

Drew Sidora

Drew Sidora is a damn mess and every RHOA fan can see it. Her reunion dress, however, was an undeniable serve. It’s a bright salmon gown covered in gold beading and jewels. The slit on her leg is as high as can be, and she has a fun fanned-out cutout design on one half of her chest. The best part of the outfit is the gloves that make her look ready for an elegant gala, not a Drop It With Drew event at the strip mall. Her long curly hair with a side part is cute, but it feels like something we’ve seen on Drew before. The biggest downfall is her makeup. It’s not that it’s not cute, it just doesn’t match the elegance of the outfit. The makeup is a bit bright and summery, and it would’ve complimented the dress better for Drew to go the sultry route like Kandi. In the end, Drop It With Drew gets a 7/10.


[Photo Credit: Scott Gries/Bravo via Getty Images]