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Drew Sidora Claims Some Real Housewives Of Atlanta Co-Stars “Cross The Line” With Her Husband Ralph Pittman; Says “I Find That Very Disrespectful”

It may be Drew Sidora’s freshman season on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she is bringing the drama. From the jump, Kenya Moore and newbie LaToya Ali took issue with Drew and her wig. And it is clear that Drew and her RHOA co-star Kenya are never going to be besties.

Drew raised eyebrows earlier this season when she told her fellow Atlanta peaches that her husband, Ralph Pittman, disappeared for three days after they had an argument. Drew had no idea where he was, or what he was doing. Drew needs to put a GPS device on her husband immediately.

Ralph finally admitted that he was in Tampa. There are hidden cameras all around the house so that Ralph can spy on Drew. That is creepy! Ralph also wouldn’t list Drew as an owner on their new home. Despite these issues, the couple decided to work on their marriage. Good luck with that.

It was fun to see Drew embrace her alter-ego “Lickety-Split” at Cynthia Bailey’s dungeon-themed bachelorette party. I loved it! In the most recent episode of RHOA, Drew told her husband all about spending some time with the stripper, Bolo. Ralph wasn’t happy about it, but Drew pointed out that she still doesn’t know what went down in Tampa. Boom! Mic drop.


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Before the ladies’ group trip, Drew hosted a dinner for her RHOA co-stars. Ralph went out of his way to be the host with the most. He helped decorate, greeted his guests, and was charming. Several of the ladies noticed how handsome Ralph was, and that isn’t a new experience for Drew.

Drew told Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast how she feels about the compliments that Ralph receives. The actress commented, “That’s hilarious. I mean, I married him. He’s a nice thing to look at, you know?” Drew stated. “I mean the first time we met, no lie, our first day, he showed me a little bit of his abs and I was in love, so, I definitely as a woman, I’m like, yeah of course. You can look.” Well, that is pretty understanding of Drew.


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But Drew does have boundaries, which is a concept that many of co-stars are unfamiliar with. Drew stated, “I do find it disheartening when you cross the line of some women in the circle that will say it and kinda cross that line and act on it. Not mentioning names, but I feel like you can appreciate, but I feel like there’s a line where it becomes disrespectful,” she added.

“So, to those people that are like, ‘he’s good looking, he’s hot, whatever.’ Thank you. But to those that kinda keep repeating it and in his presence giving him googly eyes, I don’t find that attractive,” Drew shared. “I find that very disrespectful.” (Shout out to Kenya and Porsha Williams!)

Drew and Ralph are committed to improving their marriage. “It’s one thing when you argue behind closed doors, right? And that’s all just between you and your mate,” Drew explained. “But when you start arguing in front of the kids and then America, it’s like, that’s a problem. So for that reason, we’re in marriage counseling,” she said.


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