Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Shares Post Slamming Lisa Rinna As Cause Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Drama

Kathy Hilton may only be a “friend of” on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but she sure is bringing the heat. Yesss, Kathy! We love that you keep us laughing every episode, but I must admit, seeing you take shots at Lisa Rinna and even your own sister Kyle Richards has been very interesting. And I KNOW it will make for even better television. Hello, BravoCon! I hope you’re capturing all of this behind-the-scenes drama because we viewers NEED to see this play out.

As most know, the latest season of RHOBH has finally entered the long-awaited Aspen/Kathy storyline. What we know so far is there was an alleged meltdown from Kathy and only Lisa was there to capture it all.

In ture Rinna fashion, she starts to throw shots at Kathy both on and off the show, but Miss Hunky Dory isn’t just lying down and taking it — she’s firing back… hard!

She recently shared an Instagram story calling out Lisa for being a fake b–h that comes after popular cast members like herself. And another where she reminds Lisa of her aggressive behavior in Amsterdam. This time, she’s taking it a step further adding that Rinna is the common denominator and cause of all the drama on RHOBH.

Well, she’s been calling herself the LeBron James of the Housewives world so her being the villain of the 90210 isn’t the least bit surprising. The most recent IG story shared also mentions how Lisa has come for Housewives like Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Camille Grammer, Denise Richards, and even her friend that was featured briefly, Eden Sassoon.

All facts. And all are good reminders that yes, Lisa gives the viewers what they want from time to time, but the way she does it is what bothers me most. Meddling in Kim and Kyle’s‘ family drama and causing a rift was evil. The way you came after your friend Denise… (and we’re seeing it again with Sutton Stracke) was disheartening. That’s why people have a problem with you — not because you’re doing what you think viewers will see as good tv.

Sure, friends argue… that’s why we watch. But it’d also be even more interesting to see the argument and then see you and whoever else genuinely move on (until the next fight). I’m starting to think that maybe Kathy’s opinion about you coming for the popular cast members may actually be accurate.


[Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images]