Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Says She Couldn’t Wait For The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion

Kathy Hilton has given us so much to live for while on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Funny moments, fashion, money, and this season, she finally brought the drama.

One of the things about being a dedicated Housewives fan is that as you follow along with your favorite Bravolebs on social media, you start to get a glimpse at what could be going down while they film the next season of their show. For RHOBH stans, we’ve been prepared for the Kathy vs. everybody drama that was set to go down during the second half of the season.

Thanks to Lisa Rinna — self-proclaimed villain and LeBron James of the Real Housewives — she stirred up trouble so juicy that apparently, some lawyers had to get involved to shut s–t down. While on their final cast trip to Aspen, Kathy allegedly had a meltdown that left the Fox Force Five damaged. So damaged Lisa felt like she would get a terminal illness from carrying on to something so “heavy”.

Kathy was not buying anything Lisa was selling — and I don’t blame her. Lisa looks and seems so calculated holding on to something that was not that big of a deal — Kathy Hilton being a diva? Such a shocker there. One of Lisa’s strategies is to gather information and slowly release it bit by bit hoping that she can the other cast member to crumble or shake with her ultimately coming out on top. She tried that with Kathy while at Kyle Richards’ house claiming she has a “black heart” and she has to get to the root of why she’s so angry with her sister.

Classic gaslighting Rinna. Thankfully, Miss Hilton was not afraid of her games and she was ready to let her know. “Lisa, you can be very unkind too,” she said.

And that attitude carried right on over to the RHOBH reunion stage where Kathy can be seen firing jab after jab towards Rinna and by the looks of it — Lisa couldn’t keep up. “You’re the biggest bully in Hollywood,” Kathy said — and she’s doubling down on it too.

Now, she’s telling People she’s been ready for the reunion. “I couldn’t wait for the reunion to happen,” she said. “Everybody was dreading it. I couldn’t wait.”

By the looks of the reunion trailer, and from Kyle revealing that her friend Jamie Lee Curtis gave her a call after seeing it, things may still be pretty rocky for the pair of sisters. “We love each other. We’re family,” she shared. “I think she’s beginning to really see through things.”

Kathy also revealed that although the two aren’t speaking with each other right now, she’s hopeful they can get back on track. And so is their boss Andy Cohen. He gave a quick statement also adding that “blood is blood” — seemingly insulating the sisters will get back on track.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]