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Teddi Mellencamp Calls Out RHOSLC Cast For Not Questioning Jen Shah Harder Regarding Her Legal Issues

Ever since Teddi Mellencamp got fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it seems like that lit a fire under her to lay it out all there regarding her feelings. Since her RHOBH exit, Teddi appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.  Although she was the first evicted from the house, you could really see a different version of her on this show than what we saw on the Housewives.

Now, with her podcast, Two Ts In A Pod  with Tamra Judge, Teddi is coming for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City over their lack of questions about Jen Shah and her legal woes. According to Reality Blurb! the co-hosts fired into Park City ladies.

“Why was there an entire season and a half, at least, grilling Erika [Jayne] about every single detail in regard to Tom Girardi and we have now not gotten one real question about what’s going on with Jen Shah?” she said.

When EJ’s divorce news broke, it was the talk of the Housewives streets. Everyone was curious about the details of Erika’s mess and what she knew and didn’t know. But with the RHOSLC ladies, no one is really asking the important questions. Maybe it’s because Jen is being reserved, or they were told not to really bring it up. I have no idea, but I will say that even I have been craving more tea on Jen too. Hello! We’re talking about the Real Housewives here. We watched Teresa Guidice get sentenced to prison, serve her time, and return home, and that was shown in detail. I NEED more info on Jen, Bravo! Please!

Jen’s sentencing is set to take place on January 6th, 2023. From there, Housewives fans will finally have an update on whether or not the RHOSLC star will be able to return for the show’s fourth season. As of now, it’s not looking positive. She faces up to 14 years in prison. Even Andy Cohen dished about her return, hinting that it’s not likely.

Now, back to Two Ts In A Pod.  Tamra jumped in the conversation, sharing that Jen’s absence will be sad for the show. “As much as she’s a nut, she’s funny. And I feel like when she’s gone from the show, it’s gonna be a void, just like with Mary Cosby,” she said. To which Teddi replied, “I agree there is gonna be a void.”

The rest of Season 3 will hopefully showcase some progression regarding Jen’s case. She plead guilty to some of the charges from her arrest, and hopefully, we’ll get some more behind-the-scenes info from the cast on how they really feel. I always love a good “shot on an Iphone” moment on the Real Housewives. Take note, Lisa Rinna, for the next time you’re witnessing a Kathy Hilton meltdown. We need that in our lives.


[Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo]