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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Larsa Pippen Starts Beef With Nicole Martin

It may be a new year, but it’s just another week for an absolutely must-watch episode of Real Housewives of Miami. Season 5 on Peacock is dynamic for so many reasons aside from the disaster that is Lisa Hochstein’s divorce. Every lady brings something unique to the series that’s a mix of humor, drama, and genuine life that’s truly a joy to watch. Seriously, I could watch Marysol Patton avoid goats in diapers while rummaging for vodka in Julia Lemigova’s house on a loop for life.

Peacock recently aired the ninth episode of the season titled “Hot Off The Press” which basically turns Page Six into an unofficial mojito holder. It’s another episode featuring Lenny Hochstein torturing Lisa, Larsa Pippen being messy, and all of the other goofy moments that make Miami so great. Here are five main takeaways from the latest RHOM episode.

Larsa Gifts Nicole A Storyline

Larsa is not taking off her messy boots during Season 5 of RHOM and I’m kind of living for it. Would I want to be her friend? Absolutely not, but it makes her much more of an entertaining TV character. This week, she beefs with Nicole Martin. It honestly feels like this is the first time I’m even mentioning Nicole’s name in an RHOM recap which is unacceptable for any full-time cast member. Unless she’s making her husband fly the ladies around in a private jet, Nicole is pretty low-key. She’s exactly someone I would want to be friends with IRL, but she needs to step it up a bit by Real Housewives standards.

Anyways, Nicole has an issue with Larsa because Miss Messy always brings up that Nicole’s ex-husband was a teacher. Yes, it’s petty which is why it’s entertaining. Nicole feels like Larsa is belittling her ex’s profession because she won’t stop mentioning it. The doctor tries to express to Larsa that she feels that it’s condescending, but Larsa doesn’t take to the civil conversation kindly. She basically brings up another massive bomb that people allege that Nicole sleeps with every doctor at the hospital. “Who are you to judge me?” Larsa quips at the end before the dreaded “To be continued.” Larsa is using her fighting words this season, but maybe Nicole should be 1% thankful. Larsa did give her a storyline this season to make her last through the reunion. Miss Pippen has her producer hat on at all times.

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Life Is Weird On Planet Lenny

Lenny is back to more antics in the press this week. The RHOM episode kicks off with the ladies discussing the tabloids and how Lenny gave a statement to Page Six about the divorce and his new girlfriend. This is just days after Lenny told the outlet that he and Lisa were hunky-dory, further proving to me that this man is senseless. He isn’t even sleeping in his family home, yet is eager to find Lisa a new place to move so he can kick her out, with or without the kids. Lenny’s new girlfriend also took advantage of her 15-seconds by giving statements to the press, which royally pissed off Lisa.

After reading the B.S. from Lenny’s girlfriend, Lisa calls her ex to let him know that she doesn’t condone his disgusting behavior. She goes as far as to tell him that if he cared about the kids that he wouldn’t be letting his girlfriend air out dirty laundry, and Lenny snaps back with a dry “F–k you.” So harsh. The most absurd part is that a mere 20 minutes after the call, Lenny texts Lisa and asks her to pick a few things up from the grocery store for him. You couldn’t pay me enough money to live inside of Lenny’s brain for a day, let alone have to deal with him as a partner. “Lenny has lost his mind,” Larsa says bluntly. You could say that again.

Julia Is A Rare Gem Of Real Housewives

There is not and will not ever be another Real Housewives star like Julia. Not only is she the first full-time cast member in an LGBTQ+ marriage, but she’s an absolute ray of light. The ongoing Lisa and Lenny drama inspired her to be more mindful of her relationship with Martina Navratilova. She decides to play cupid by recreating their first-ever date night at their Miami home, and it’s the first time the two had dinner alone in nearly a year. Martina is absolutely smitten by the gesture. The wholesome scene was a nice reprieve from all the darkness in Real Housewives these days.

Julia is not only a fun wife but the ultimate friend. She joins Adriana De Moura while she gets a Brazilian butt lift (inspired by Larsa). Adriana asks her friend to tell her a funny story to get her mind off the pain. First, Julia has to avoid fainting at the sight of a needle going into her friend’s butt, proclaiming it to be the reason she doesn’t get Botox. See, an absolute gem.

Anyway, Julia tells the “story” that she and Martina are going to have another child. They’re looking to adopt, which Martina was hesitant about in the past but opened up to because of how much Julia hates being an empty nester. The pair are going to start their journey of looking for an older kid to adopt, and Julia even told Adriana that she could be the Godmother. Every single scene with Julia just puts a smile on my face, and she’s definitely part of the reason for RHOM’s charm.

Alexia And Frankie’s Inspiring Growth

Alexia Echevarria’s experience as a mother has not been easy, particularly after Frankie Rosello’s accident. She may not be the perfect mom (we’re not even going to get into the Peter Rosello of it all), but it’s clear she has an undeniable love for her kids. It’s what inspires her to host a Miami store opening to raise money for a charity that supports adults with “unique abilities” like Frankie to find success independently.

Frankie has been involved with the organization as he was given a shadow, which is similar to a life coach, that helps him plan his future. “It hit me that Frankie was growing up and I needed to make him more independent,” Alexia says. It can’t be easy to lead your children to success as they enter adulthood, let alone someone with the challenges that Frankie has overcome. It’s admirable to see Alexia do her best and accept outside help so that Frankie can live his own happily ever after. Every scene with Alexia and Frankie involving the event was absolutely heartwarming. Their story is such a raw depiction of real life that isn’t always a focus on reality TV. When it is, it’s a beautiful moment to watch.

Lisa’s Friends Think She’s In Denial

Lisa has remained adamant that Lenny totally blindsided her with the divorce. Even in this episode, she insists to Marysol that she and Lenny were fine in their relationship a few weeks prior. However, the Cockie Queen doesn’t accept the answer so easily, citing the “chaotic universe” of the sultry parties hosted at the Hochstein house over the years. Marysol tries to help Lisa see the good on the other side, but Lisa keeps saying she wishes that Lenny would snap out of it. “All I know since I’ve been in Miami is Lenny,” Lisa cries. She even admits she would have stayed with Lenny for life and changed his diapers in old age, which is why her friends believe there might have been writing on the wall.

Later, while Alexia and Marysol are out to dinner, two of their friends approach them and start to discuss the Lisa and Lenny drama. One of the men expresses surprise that the two were even married up to that point. Alexia starts to reflect on her previous marriage, where she said she and her ex-husband put on a “front” to the public despite being totally separated. “As a woman, we always know. We always see those signs,” Alexia says. “Whether we choose to act on them is different.” It sounds like Lisa may have had blinders on and Lenny’s aggressively public behavior is his way of proving to her that it’s over. It doesn’t condone any of his actions leading up to the split, but it does provide some interesting insight.


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