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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Episode 10: Nicole Martin Finally Earns Her Mojito

Even when Real Housewives of Miami airs an episode that is light on the Lisa Hochstein drama, Season 5 never really has an off week. The mojito-wielding ladies provide the classic comfort TV that so many of us fans love about the Real Housewives franchise. The most recent episode picks up after yet another “To Be Continued”. However, unlike the deliberate use of the dramatic editing tactic in some of the other Real Housewives cities (*cough cough* Beverly Hills), Miami always leaves us on an actual cliffhanger.

Season 5 Episode 10 of RHOM picks up after Larsa Pippen accuses Nicole Martin of sleeping with all of the doctors that she works with. See, it was actually worth the week-long wait. Now, we know Larsa has on her messy boots this season so who knows if the claim has any merit. But the feud provided plenty of classic drama that is just one of five major moments from the latest RHOM episode titled “Rules of Engagement.”

Nicole Finally Shows Up

A few RHOM recaps ago, I mentioned that Nicole was beginning to fade into the background during her second season. She’s exactly the kind of person I’d want to actually hang out with (especially if Anthony Lopez is flying us to and from her massive mansion). However, that doesn’t always make for a good TV housewife. Thankfully for Nicole, Larsa gave her a storyline when she accused her of sleeping around at work. Larsa did all of that just because Nicole said she wanted to get to know Larsa before inviting her into her home. Messy messy.

Nicole finally earned her mojito with her retaliation tactics. She slams Larsa for using baseless rumors that could impact Nicole’s standing at the hospital. In the pettiest move of all time, Nicole makes a grand gesture to disinvite Larsa from her engagement party. She actually bought a mirror, wrote that Larsa was the “fake one” of them all, and mailed it to Larsa to let her know not to come. Iconic. Now, she needs to wrangle in Anthony, who makes a few too-disparaging remarks about Larsa for my vibe. The way he inserts himself in women’s business is giving Peter Thomas energy in the worst way.

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Lisa Needs A Night Out With Adriana

Lisa’s drama is light this week, but it’s always a massive cloud looming in the background. We see a lot of glimpses of her being a single mom while Lenny Hochstein is out doing who knows what. The main takeaway in the Lisa aisle seems to be that she really needs a reality check. Somehow, at this point in the show, she’s still in denial about the divorce. It’s as if she believes that Lenny is going to wake up one day and snap out of it. It’s noticeable when Adriana De Moura approaches Lisa at Nicole’s party to gauge her interest in dating again.

In the sweetest way ever, Adriana drops a hint to Lisa that she knows a guy in Miami who has the hots for the newly single mom. Adriana left the door open, but Lisa says she hasn’t even started thinking about being with another guy. It sounds like Lisa could use a girls’ night out with Adriana and Julia Lemigova. The three could do pickle shots and hit on men all night long to the point that Lisa won’t even remember Lenny’s name. That’s my dream for her.

Larsa Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Larsa has been putting all of her RHOM co-stars on blast all season. Whether it’s accusing Julia of making out with a man or confusing Lisa about a mortgage, Larsa has transformed from her penchant cool girl attitude to Miss Messy. In this episode, her actions finally begin to catch up with her after she’s uninvited from Nicole’s party. Sure, Marysol Patton may joke that Larsa was lucky she didn’t have to participate in all of the drama. However, Larsa doesn’t look to be having the time of her life at home during Nicole’s “Level 10” Las Vegas party.

Larsa also gets a taste of her own medicine with Nicole’s more subtle retaliation tactics. To demonstrate the gravity of spreading rumors, Nicole brings up a little tea about Larsa in a confessional. She brings up the rumors of Larsa dating none other than Marcus Jordan, even though Miss Messy is doing the most to avoid bringing up her dating life on camera. Larsa should learn not to throw stones if she doesn’t want to reveal her own truths. It’s just a surprise it took Nicole to make her get that.

Guerdy’s Metaphorical Lost Role

Here’s the thing — I want to love Guerdy Abraira as a Real Housewives star so badly. She has all of the keys to success — an amazing career, a fabulous lifestyle, and a whole lot of personality. Guerdy also has genuine friendships with her fellow castmates. For some reason, her storyline just either gets lost in translation or bores me to tears. In all honesty, I don’t even understand how Guerdy holds a mojito while Marysol and Kiki Barth do not. The proof is in the confessionals.

Guerdy has spent a lot of time this season working and seemingly being a bit out of touch with her family. Oh, and confusing everyone with her facial expressions. She explains that Lisa and Lenny’s divorce has been a bit of a reality check. In order to nourish her home life, she hosts a family game night during the recent episode. Her hottie firefighter husband flexes his nerdy Star Wars knowledge and Guerdy’s driver/assistant/friend jokes that Guerdy is a horrible boss. Ha ha. It isn’t a bad scene altogether, but it continues to show Guerdy’s disconnect from those around her. Not only did that seem to be the case when her kids and husband bond over movies, but also when she tries to make her own path on the show.

RHOM Needs More Of The Family Drama

If you read these recaps, you know how often I sing the praises of the RHOM cast. Season 5 is just must-watch TV and I can’t shut up about it. But being that I feel like I’m studying the season as it’s airing, it only feels fair to offer some critiques too. One is that there are double standards in Miami when it comes to how much personal information each lady has to reveal.

Let’s compare a storyline like Lisa’s divorce or Alexia Ecchevaria’s journey with her son after his accident to the way Nicole handles her relationship with her father. To be clear, I’m not talking about the manner in which they handle these situations. Rather, how they handle the situations in front of TV cameras. We know that Nicole has a troubled relationship with her dad that may or may not stem from a drinking problem. However, Nicole keeps it so vague that it’s hard for the viewer to really empathize with what’s going on there. At her engagement party, her co-stars like Marysol and Kiki were amused by her dad and even put up with his off-color comments. Nicole, on the other hand, clearly has a lot of pain attributed to her dad to the point that she can’t have a deep conversation with him on camera.

The ladies holding mojitos need to all bring it the same, and that includes Nicole when it comes to her family drama. Or Larsa and her dating life, for that matter. It’s not fair for someone like Julia to get so deep about her marriage problems and adoption journey while others get to skate by. Still, I will be religiously watching RHOM until the end of time and love each lady just the same.


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