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Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa Hochstein Of Asking Him For An “Excessive” Amount Of Support Money Amidst Divorce

The absolute public disaster that is the divorce between Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein has been hard to watch. The Real Housewives of Miami couple have young children who have to deal with their parents throwing back-and-forth low blows in public. Lenny has been particularly cruel in his antics toward Lisa. He up and left her for a younger (and way lamer) woman who he is proudly parading around town to rub in her face.

The split between one of South Beach’s most elite couples has rocked the RHOM universe. The fans are privy to way too much personal information about Lisa and Lenny’s dirty laundry. Their financial information has just been one piece of the massive puzzle. Now, Lenny is continuing on his path of being delusional by trying to avoid financially supporting Lisa through the divorce. Ugh, here we go again.

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According to Page SixLenny filed court documents in to attempt to deny Lisa’s request for temporary support money through the divorce. Essentially, Lisa claims the money would be to help support the kids while the more permanent custody agreement, etc. are sorted out through lawyers. Lenny claims he supports his kids enough, so Lisa needs to stop asking for “excessive temporary support.” OK Lenny, are you just trying to make yourself look worse? Just shut up and pay the stupid check. It might encourage him to not drag out the divorce and work it out with Lisa since it is “temporary” support after all. Honey, I’m no lawyer, but this doesn’t seem like a good look.

Lenny has made himself look so bad throughout this whole process thanks to his unwarranted behavior. In the documents, he cites the fact that Lisa is living in their marital home and driving luxury cars as a reason she doesn’t need the money. Yes, things she almost positively acquired WHILE THEY SHARED A BANK ACCOUNT. What was the reason??

Sure, Lisa probably makes enough money from Peacock to give her kids the world. But the point is that if she has the kids more often than Lenny, he should make up for it from a financial side. Both Lisa and her children are accustomed to a certain type of life and, if Lenny can afford it, he should do what he can to help continue that to the best of his ability. Custody battles and divorces are endlessly messy and the public will never know all the details. However, it’s clear Lenny is trying to paint himself one way publically, but it’s going to backfire if his actions speak differently.


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