Caroline Manzo

Caroline Manzo Confirms That Melissa Gorga Called Her “Too Old” To Be On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Well, well. It looks like Melissa Gorga is a liar, after all. Caroline Manzo surprisingly confirmed the rumors that Melissa called her “too old” to film the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita, former RHONJ star, spilled the tea. She gave her two cents when discussing Melissa and Caroline’s thriving friendship. “I think they are friendly acquaintances,” she replied. “Melissa always used to say Caroline was too old and boring for the show. (She’s not).”

Shortly after, Melissa denied the rumors (shocker!), claiming she’s always been a fan of the Real Housewives matriarch. “Not true- I love Caroline always have,” she wrote in an Instagram comment

But now, Caroline has a little something she’d like to add. In a brand new interview on HollywoodLife’s podcast Pay Attention Puh-Lease!  the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star said the rumors were true. And there it is! Melissa lied

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“She said it. I remember when she said it. And I don’t fault her for it,” Caroline said. She even added that she “heard” the statement but understood why Melissa said it. “Even back then, Melissa is what, 42? I’m 61. I get it.” 

She continued, “Okay. Back then, I was 50. And she was 30. So that’s from the mind of a 30-year-old kid. So how could I be mad at that?” Caroline may not be mad, but I sure am. Melissa dragged Teresa Giudice during this previous episode for not being honest, yet she’s dishonest about what comes out of her mouth. But because Caroline is okay with her statements, I bet she chooses not to address this. 

Caroline, who clearly enjoys her peace away from the messiness of this show, noted that she’s choosing to offer Melissa grace and understanding rather than dragging her. “You have to always kind of figure out where it’s coming from. Back then, I understood it, and now I understand it. So, yeah she said it, and yeah I don’t care, because I get it,” she said.

What an odd statement. Maybe because Caroline and Melissa are anti-Teresa, they want to stick together. Who knows. Either way, in my eyes, this only gives further authority to Carlos King’s statements about Melissa being so thirsty to get on the show a bucket of water wouldn’t satisfy her. Furthermore, Danielle Cabral’s and Luis Ruelas’ comments look pretty solid right about now, too. I’m eager for the season to pick up to see what happens between this group of passionate Jersey families.  


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