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Below Deck Season 10 Episode 17 Recap: Farewell Captain Lee

It’s the last hurrah for Below Deck Season 10. With no reunion ahead, this is the last we’ll see of the yachties for a while. I couldn’t be more disappointed. After all the drama between Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn over their management of the crew, I was dying for the crusty sailor and motivational speaker to face off in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse. Then there’s the matter of Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber’s post-production accountability tours. And what about Ben Willoughby’s achy-breaky heart?

For now, this recap will have to get us through. No doubt the internet will reveal the answers to all our final questions over the next several weeks. Right?

The Final Charter

Our final episode for Season 10 was reasonably tame. Though the body-building charter guests looked intimidating, they couldn’t have been a more gracious group. Fraser Olender and his team are exceptionally pleased, given the number of divalicious tagalongs this season has hosted. 

Tony Duarte is honored to be hosting the winningest body-builder of all time on the yacht. Captain Lee joins the guests for dinner, and later the crew performs a Buns and Guns competition where Ross McHarg inexplicably wins first place. Everyone goes to bed at a reasonable hour, there’s not a rude comment or sobbing drunk in sight. Well done, everyone! 

The guests leave a handsome tip the next morning, and Captain Lee reveals the crew has made almost a quarter of a million dollars in tips over the course of the season.

t9 Is For Lovers

Is it a GenZ thing? Why does Camille tell Ben she “doesn’t text”? I feel old. Or emotionally stable. I can’t tell.

Ben calls Camille from the yacht and gets her voicemail. She then sends him a text saying he should feel lucky because she usually doesn’t text. Does she post to Instagram with those thumbs? Ben follows up and asks what will happen when she’s in the States and he’s back in Australia if she’s allergic to texting.

Camille responds that she is simply too overwhelmed to have the Australia conversation right now. Maybe she’ll messenger pigeon him later. But what is Ben fighting for here? A text relationship with someone on the other side of the globe? Aim higher. 

Ben The Romantic

Later Ben talks to Katie Glaser about all the red flags Camille has been waving lately. He realizes he’s been missing some of the earlier signs and he’s been holding himself back from a girl who actually likes him while doing so. After the Buns and Guns party, he pulls Leigh-Ann Smith aside to tell her his feelings. She’s adorably patient with him name-dropping Camille the entire time, too. Leigh-Ann should also aim higher. 

During the crew dinner to celebrate the end of the season, Ben pulls Leigh-Ann in for a kiss. They end up in the hot tub, and eventually in a guest cabin for the night. The next day, both Ben and Leigh-Ann insist they did nothing but chat and share a few kisses during their sleepover. Again, Leigh-Ann mentions Ben wouldn’t stop saying Camille’s name the whole time. 

Ben leaves the boat by himself. He tells Leigh-Ann that he needs to follow his heart for Camille. He’s going to the Dominican to be with Cammy for 10 days, and he intends to be exclusive with her in the near future. I’m so sure. 

Tyler’s Come-Out Come-Up

It’s been a long time coming. Tyler Walker’s main storyline, besides being perfect, amazing, hilarious, and adorable, has been his drive to come out to his parents. During lunch service, Fraser shares his own story about coming out to his mother. Between that and Hayley De Sola Pinto’s encouragement, Tyler finally feels ready to come out. 

Tyler calls his mother from his cabin. He tells her he needs to tell her something, and she quickly cuts him off by saying she’s with his grandma. Though Tyler takes his cue to hold off on baring his soul, his mom leaves him knowing that, “whatever it is, it will be fine.” She assures him that she will love him no matter what, and he breathes a sigh of relief. 

The Final Moments

So here are the final takeaways from the season; Katie ran the anchor during docking, and she wants to return someday as a bosun. I would definitely watch that. Especially if it means never having to host Ross on my screen ever again. Katie acknowledges she could see herself with Ross in the future, but she also knows he is nothing other than a f-ck boy right now. 

Chef Rachel Hargrove leaves the boat saying she no longer has fun while yachting. She tells the camera that she’s too old for this, and she has decided to leave yachting until she’s bored and land-locked. 

Captian Lee’s final docking scene is given quite the edit. Intense momentous music plays despite everything going completely fine. He gives us one final whacky quote before the season ends, calling a missed line “as useful as a screen door on a submarine.” We end the show with a recap of his career highlights. 

Okay. Time to go watch Hayley and Tyler on Watch What Happens Live. See you next season


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]