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Andy Cohen Says Ramona Singer And Kelly Dodd Are “Not Problematic”

Everyone has their own idea about what makes a Housewife notable. For some, it’s the cash flow. Someone like Jennifer Aydin who spends big and loves to talk about it, flaunt it, and talk about it again. For others, it’s all about the party and good times. We’re talking about the Porsha Williams and Sonja Morgans of the crew. Some like the women with a steady grind and a sense of accomplishment like Kandi Burruss, Lisa Vanderpump, or Tiffany Moon. Or just a scattered mess of pure humanity and confusing life choices. Looking at you, Ashley Darby.

Then there are the others. The Housewives that are mostly known for being notorious. Less famous than they are infamous. Some might say Vicki Gunvalson or Nene Leakes fall into this category. Of course, it’s all a matter of personal opinion. I’m sure some of you are already groaning and some of these examples because your perception of an all-star Housewife couldn’t be more different. Are there any Tre-huggers out there??

In a recent Watch What Happens Live episodeAndy Cohen was asked a question by one of his virtual audience members. There’s nothing I love more than getting Andy’s honest opinion on the women he ushers through some incredibly messy reunions. In this moment, however, I’m not sure he really gave us the real story. When asked by the audience member if “problematic housewives like the Ramona [Singer]s and the Kelly [Dodd]s of the world” are either good for the show or bad for the brand Andy had to pause before finally saying, “I don’t know if I would call them ‘problematic.'”

So what would he call them? Certainly the amount of public apologies Kelly has had to give out would indicate there’s *some* sort of problem? She’s not exactly one to back down when she has an actual point. The issue is she rarely does. She goes after peoples’ ages, their looks, their personal issues, on and on. It’s pretty indefensible. Not to mention her disgusting comments about COVID-19. She’s usually apologetic later, but it’s always the same song and dance.


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Andy eventually phrased his response in a way that didn’t force him to agree to the idea that some Housewives may be problematic. He said, “I think that they have their opinions, and they express them, and I think that that’s what makes a great Housewife.” He added, “I think that the qualities of a great Real Housewife are that they express their opinions and they feel strongly about them.”

Really? That wasn’t what his face was saying at the Real Housewives of New York reunions. But okay.


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