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Antonia Gorga Responds to Rumors Her Porsche Was Repossessed

If you think being Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga is rough, try being one of their kids. The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple have one common bond remaining with Teresa Giudice, their children suffer the fallout of their parents’ actions.

Melissa’s daughter Antonia Gorga turned 17 back in August 2022. For her birthday she received a lovely white Porsche Macan. But two months later, Melissa and Joe reclaimed the keys after Antonia refused to cart her little brothers around like a chauffeur. Or was that just a sneaky ruse to cover for the repo man? Antonia cleared everything up in a now-expired Instagram Story.

It wasn’t gone in 60 seconds

The anti-Melissa crew decided Antonia’s car had been repossessed since it hadn’t shown up on her social media. I suppose this happens when it looks like your mom might be fighting for her life and her Bravo paycheck. But don’t worry guys, Antonia still has her car. Allegedly.

Recently Antonia took to Instagram and confirmed the car is still in her possession. She also added pics of the interior and wrote, “My car is still here lol…” Melissa and Joe were tagged in the post and Melissa piggybacked it to her Insta Story, which has also since expired.

Of course, because Antonia was not physically seen in the automobile with a newspaper showing proof of time and day, this could also be seen as a futile effort to keep Melissa and Joe in the media.

On the bright side, Antonia is getting out of there and away from her relatives. This fall she will attend the University of Delaware. I cannot believe these RHONJ kids are growing up so quickly. Teresa’s daughter Gabriella Giudice is preparing for the University of Michigan. Talk about changing your environment!

Over the weekend, Teresa’s oldest, Gia Giudice graduated from Rutgers University. She now holds a criminal justice degree and is off to work at a law firm. Perhaps Antonia could give her a ride to work in the Porsche that apparently still remains in her driveway.

It’s nice to see all of these kids growing up and going places, despite the obstacles of their parents’ very public issues.

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