Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga
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Why Melissa Gorga And Joe Gorga Took Away Daughter Antonia Gorga’s Porsche

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga have marketed themselves as a wholesome Italian-American family. That’s been their schtick on Real Housewives of New Jersey since Season 3. At least that’s what they’ve wanted to present to the world. It’s your decision whether you believe that the couple joined the show to undermine Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice.

To their credit, what we’ve seen of Joe and Melissa’s parenting is solid stuff. Their kids excel at their activities, and have active social lives. Sure, Joe cracks some jokes about differing expectations for his daughter versus his sons. But overall, the Gorgas present a wholesome and united image.

In the spirit of good parenting, Melissa discussed a parenting first that she and Joe encountered recently when she appeared on Jeff Lewis Live. According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Melissa and Joe grounded their daughter Antonia Gorga and took away her driving privileges for a week.

Why? It started on a day that Melissa and Joe returned home after work “exhausted.” The mother of three recalled their son Joey Gorga made plans to meet his friends. Joey told his parents, “I want to go snowboarding! All my friends are going snowboarding! You’ve got to take me down the street!”

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“It’s probably like a 15- to 20-minute drive to drop him off. I’m like, ‘No, Joey. I’m not getting up,'” Melissa said. Joe’s like, ‘I’m not getting up.’ … And so we look at Antonia, and Joe’s like, ‘Antonia, get in your car, go take him, he wants to go snowboarding.’”

“Down the street” in the type of neighborhood the Gorga’s live in is clearly a bigger commitment than I’m used to. Rather than take the drive, Melissa and Joe wanted Antonia to make the effort for her brother. She refused.

 “‘Absolutely not,’” Melissa said Antonia replied. And Antonia’s standoff continued for “a good 20 minutes of her just refusing to drive her brother.”

Finally, Joe made the decision to ground Antonia and take away her car keys. Melissa recalled, “She was like, ‘He’s not actually gonna do this…’ [but] he did it, and she hasn’t drove that car this whole week. First time we’ve ever done this to her.”

Lesson learned. Antonia did not drive her Porsche the whole week. And while Melissa wanted to give in for the sake of convenience, Joe stuck to his guns.

“She’s been losing it,” Melissa said of her daugher. “And I wanted to give in, I’m not gonna lie.”

She continued, “I already called him yesterday, I’m like, ‘Joe, I can’t take her. I’m not taking her. I’m not driving her to cheer practice. Give her her keys.’”

Melissa revealed that her husband “did not give in.” Clearly, the more effective way to execute a punishment. The question for these parents is will it work? Melissa wondered, “So I am curious to see if she says no to us again.”

Regardless of the effectiveness of Joe’s punishment, Antonia and her Porsche will be off to college next year.

Antonia will have a solid lineup of colleges to choose from. She has been accepted into the University of Delaware, Penn State University, and the University of Rhode Island thus far.

The future looks bright for Joe and Melissa as well. Their tenure on RHONJ continues into Season 13, which is set to premiere on February 7, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET.


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