WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 19: Erika Jayne (C) attends her Las Vegas residency announcement event at Bootsy Bellows on April 19, 2023 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Steven Simione/Getty Images)

Ronald Richards Alleges Erika Jayne’s ‘Supporter’ Is Tampa Lawyer Facing Criminal Charges

Ronald Richards is back on the case and revealing whatever he can on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne. The attorney has a specific interest in Erika and never fails to know what’s going on in her life.

While his wife is sitting around in her old diamond earrings, Ron is divulging some new information on a man Erika has been photographed with. He is an old friend of Tom Girardi’s and he is a fellow lawyer. He also seems to have an affinity for drama, which might not be great for EJ.

After Erika was papped in Vegas with James Wilkes II, people were assuming it was a “date.” That might be a reach because this man has been involved with the Girardis for a long time. Allegedly. Ronald shared the details on Twitter.

What’s up with James Wilkes II?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the man with Erika is a Tampa Bay lawyer who was arrested in April for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. James Wilkes II said he was struck in the face by a female during an argument in their shared home.

During the 911 call James made, the dispatcher heard a woman shouting that he had brandished a firearm and shot a wall. The relationship of both James and the woman has been wiped from the police report, along with the woman’s name. James advised the police she hit him on the head “with something, possibly her hand.”

Because he was concerned the female would gain access to one of his guns, he retrieved a .45-caliber handgun and shotgun from his home’s master bedroom. James stated he was “afraid” and fired one round from the handgun into the bed. He also fired a round into the bathroom to “scare” the woman and end the argument.

Also, the mug shot

James stated he did not aim the firearm at the female in question. Additionally, the woman accused James of holding the weapon to her temple and torso and threatening to end her life. James has denied these accusations. He was arrested and posted a whopping $1k in bail.

Tampa authorities did receive an order to remove weapons and ammunition from the home. The female was not arrested but police filed a “charge of battery on a person older than 65” for review by the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office.

James’ lawyer said his actions were the result of self-defense. Perhaps it’s time for Erika to get some new friends.