Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne Says The Person Who Bought Her Auctioned Diamond Earrings Is “Obsessed”

We are getting close to a New Year and a fresh start. For some, this fresh start will include a prison sentence. One of the most maligned Real Housewives we have is under a mountain of legal issues, but will probably never see the inside of a jail cell.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has had a rough couple of years. After allegedly lying, cheating clients out of money, and being a horrible con artist, Erika’s estranged husband Tom Girardi is now convalescing somewhere while people try to figure out how to pay back the people he screwed over. Erika hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about returning high-priced swag “gifted” to her with stolen funds. Or even acting like she gives a flying crap about anyone impacted by her husband’s crimes.

Recently, Erika had to let go of a pair of diamond earrings she famously flaunted during production of RHOBH Season 12. She could have graciously forfeited certain items, showing compassion and empathy, but that simply isn’t how EJ rolls. Ultimately the earrings were presented at auction, and to no one’s surprise, Erika’s biggest fan scooped them right up!

She stopped by the Two Ts in a Pod podcast to give her opinion on the transaction and heavy. has the details. The winning bidder of Erika’s earrings that were originally purchased with blood money was none other than attorney Ronald Richards’ wife. We’re all familiar with Housewives superfan Ron.  He’s been stalking researching Bravo wives since the Taylor Armstrong era. He REALLY became interested in Erika and Tom’s troubles, constantly keeping his social media followers informed of every update or change in the case.

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We love a meticulous lawyer, but one has to wonder if ‘ol Ron has RHOBH playing on a continuous loop inside of his marital home. Allow me to present Exhibit A: Ron’s wife is the proud new owner of Erika’s much-discussed diamond earrings. Now this woman is posting pics of herself on Instagram gloating. Oh honey, no.

The studs were auctioned off and purchased “for $312,500, including costs” in December 2022. The baubles are currently in the ownership of Lauren Boyette-Richards, wife of Ronald Richards. Ron’s wife wrote in the photo caption that she understood “why [Erika] fought for these” and that the earrings are “stunning.”

Congrats doll on lowering yourself to the same level of the woman that you are obsessed with! EJ admitted during the podcast episode that the Instagram post did not surprise her. I’m no Erika fan but it might only be because Ron and his wife don’t leave a lot of room for others in the Erika Jayne Fan Club. What contentious attorney acts as “special counsel” for a case but posts like a scorned woman on social media?

Erika added, “It’s also frightening because it’s someone that leaked my address and has been ruthlessly doing everything that he can to basically push himself into my life and into everything that has fallen apart around this entire situation and the earrings, you know, are part of it.” Ronald’s special interest in Bravo personnel would actually concern me as a spouse at this point. The poor guy cannot get enough.

EJ also wondered why Ronnie’s wife wanted the earrings so badly. I mean, didn’t they also try to buy the Pasadena Palace? She said the couple views the jewelry as a “trophy” and thinks Ron and his wife are “obsessed.” Ron and his wife have definitely displayed stage 5 clinger vibes when it comes to Erika. Sorry not sorry. “If [Lauren] wanted a pair of diamonds — the world is littered with beautiful diamond earrings, believe me, but this was a personal thing,” Erika stated. “And they are obsessed, 1000 percent obsessed, and it’s weird.”

She’s right, it’s weird. Erika shared she hopes Ronnie’s wife wears the earrings “in good health.” Then she added, “Enjoy some other woman’s earrings.” Now who is gonna tell Erika they were never really her earrings because they were essentially stolen? Allegedly.

While Erika hasn’t really won anyone over after Season 12, you can’t deny this lawyer does seems to have a penchant for fangirling Real Housewives. Of course that’s just my opinion, thank goodness Ronald supports sharing them.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]