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Brandi Glanville Calls Out Vanderpump Rules Stars for Scandoval Affair ‘Hypocrisy’

Well, here we go. A show with Lisa Vanderpump’s name on it, now mega-popular due to a massive affair scandal, is being checked by Brandi Glanville. Point of interest – Lisa still has the audacity to support Scheana Shay, who cheated with Brandi’s ex-husband about 20 years ago.

As the Vanderpump Rules reunion has been airing, all kinds of viewers have been tuning in. Including Brandi. She has thoughts on Scandoval and certain people’s participation in the unfolding infidelity drama. During the last reunion episode, Brandi took to Twitter and let her feelings fly.

Duck and cover, Brandi’s coming in hot

She wrote, “This fu-king hypocrisy is fu-king insane,!!!!! I never thought I would be friends with half the bit-hes that fu-ked my husband while I was married & pregnant.” This would be the eleventy billionth time Brandi has referenced being cheated on by Eddie Cibrian.

Similar to potato chips, Brandi can’t have just one Twitter moment. She posted a second message to her followers. “I’m fu-king over it with pretty much everyone.” Okay but why is she mad? Because Scheana still has a job? If a show that centers around cheating is upsetting to watch, the best course of action would be to turn it off.

While Brandi has not been able to move on from her trauma with Eddie, pretty much everyone else in the world has. Scheana is married with a child. Eddie has been with LeAnn Rimes for what seems like 80 years. That said, Brandi is clearly still bothered by something.

Brandi didn’t elaborate on the “hypocrisy” she mentioned, but she has some powerful issues that have gone unresolved. Back in April, Scheana shared her feelings on social media about Tom Sandoval’s inability to keep his pants zipped. At the time Brandi responded, “A cheater is a cheater no matter how it goes down @scheana you knew eddie was married so it’s all the same.”

Meanwhile, it’s worthwhile to note Eddie cheated with multiple women. It’s also possible for two things to be true at once. Scheana can be a former mistress and also in distress about her friend’s situation.

Brandi may relate to Ariana Madix, but unless her BFF bedded her husband, that’s where the similarities probably end. As far as “hypocrisy” goes, most people in the Bravo bubble should sit that one out.