Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann on Watch What Happens Live
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Kim Zolciak Allegedly Punched Kroy Biermann Days Before Divorce Filing

What in the Joe Frazier is going on here? Kim Zolciak finally has a storyline, but no job. Kroy Biermann is sitting around wondering why he didn’t listen to his mother.

The former Don’t Be Tardy love bugs are no longer in love. Kim and Kroy mutually filed for divorce earlier this year after speculation they were about to lose their Atlanta home. Somehow they kept the crib but the marriage fell apart. Kim thinks Kroy likes studying plants as long as they have THC, rendering him unsafe around their kids. Kroy thinks Kim goes into a spending trance when she sees neon and hears little bells ringing.

Authorities have been called to their home several times, but neither will leave. They’ve also said no physical contact has taken place. Now the police report enters the chat and disputes those claims. Radar has the scoop.

We’ve reached petty capacity

According to a police report submitted on May 4, cops visited the estranged couple’s nest of hate when Kim called in a domestic dispute. ALLEGEDLY Kim clocked Kroy in the back of the head the day before he pulled the trigger on filing for divorce.

She advised police Kroy locked up her spoils in a safe and hid the key. Additionally, Kim claimed the items Kroy took were prior to her marriage and worth approximately $175k. Here is where I ask why something couldn’t be set aside so one of the scorned lovers could vacate the property. But why protect the children when you can protect your own bloated egos?

Then Kroy starts explaining to the cops about Kim’s gambling habit – which wasn’t news to Kroy as he often DROVE her to gambling facilities. The police asked to see the basement safe where Kroy held Kim’s belongings hostage. Per the report, there were random items of value inside and Kroy released Kim’s passport.

How is a passport “marital property” for Kroy to take, I wonder? He also told officers he planned on selling the items for liquidation. This is when Kroy said Kim socked him in the back of the head because he took her stuff. He had no visible injuries and would not accept medical attention. Kroy did manage to get a recording of Kim’s ALLEGED meltdown but refused to press charges.

Officers stuck around, hating their own lives at this point, while Kim grabbed her loot and filled her car. During the hour cops were there, Kim and Kroy “engaged in numerous disagreements.”

Police pretty much begged Kim and Kroy to be civil because their FOUR KIDS were in the home. When officers left, Kroy called back and said Kim was using his credit card. How he has one still active is beyond me. Kim responded and said she used a shared card to get fuel for her car.

The next day Kroy filed for divorce. Kim called the cops AGAIN and accused Kroy of locking her out of her bedroom, where her “medication” was stranded inside. When Kroy was contacted, he said her meds were in the hallway.

Doing all of this in front of their kids. Team They Suck.