Teresa Giudice
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for MTV)

Teresa Giudice Making ‘Timely’ Payments on Tax Debts Amid New $17K Lien

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice doesn’t like taxes. It would be safe to say taxes don’t like her either. Fans know her relationship with finances and the government is so rocky, she once received a vacation courtesy of the Feds.

Tre’s debt with Juicy Joe Giudice remains active and with a pending payoff. She has been contributing to it regularly, but she also got married with $10k of hair glued to her head. And now, probably thanks to Melissa Gorga, Tre has been slapped with a lovely new lien. Page Six has the details.

Tre has to pay

Teresa still owes a boatload of money to the government, but don’t worry, she’s well aware of it. So good thing she married a guy with sketchy businesses and no prenup. I’ll take She Learned Absolutely Nothing From Prison for $1000, Alex.

According to Tre’s attorney, she knows about the money she owes and spends anyway is paying it off. He said, “Ms. Giudice has been aware of her tax obligations for years and makes significant timely monthly payments towards her outstanding tax liabilities and will continue to do so until those liabilities do not exist.”

She might want to lay off on the luxury vacations. New court docs state Teresa was notified in early May there is a new tax lien totaling more than $17k. This would be for the tax years of 2020 and 2021.

Sources who are definitely not the Gorgas advised that the lien has been settled but Teresa has open debt from 2014 and 2015 in the amount of $500k. These are both active and the process of repayment is ongoing.

I’m not sure having an extravagant wedding whilst entertaining a remaining balance from the IRS since 2014 was a good idea, but good ideas often seem to elude Teresa. She spent some time in the pokey and upon her release from prison in 2015, she had a tax debt of $261,000.

A payment schedule was made and Tre’s lawyer advised at the time, “Several payments have already been made and every penny owed will be paid pursuant to the agreement.” Unless of course automobiles, clothing, and a new husband delay paying in full.

Clearly some early dirty work by Tre’s evil sister-in-law, because we all know someone has to take the blame.