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Teresa Giudice Says Sofia Vergara Is ‘Rudest Woman She’s Ever Met’

Teresa Giudice has some serious thoughts on a Hollywood celebrity who probably doesn’t know she exists. The Real Housewives New Jersey star, who has been vilified by many as being incredibly rude herself, has apparently been impacted by someone else’s attitude.

Teresa doesn’t like several people and America’s Got Talent star Sofia Vergara is on Tre’s list. Looks like this is Melissa Gorga’s lucky day! Teresa spoke about this grudge she’s been holding since 2017 on an episode of her podcast.

Sofia had no idea who Tre was

Recently on Namaste B$tches, Tre reflected on an old memory that still keeps her up at night.

In 2017, Teresa found herself on a talk show, along with Sofia. “Sofia Vergara’s PR person and my PR person spoke together, and I guess the two of them said, ‘Let’s get a picture of Teresa and Sofia together.’”

Teresa alleged, “I didn’t want a picture with her. I’ve never asked to take a picture with anybody.” Okay, never wanted the photo in the first place, yet still mad about it six years later. This doesn’t bode well for Margaret Josephs’ and Tre’s future.

Tre said, “When we went to go take a picture she was like, standing in front of me, like ok, that’s not how you take a picture. She was the rudest woman I’ve ever met.” Ever? Cue Melissa hanging her head in remorse.

“I saw her whole demeanor, and then I heard her say to her PR person, ‘Why are you making me take a picture with that lady?’” Teresa added. Then she went so far as to mock Sofia’s Columbian accent. I might remind you that move was the beginning of the end for previous Real Housewives in the greater Dallas area.

Tre continued, “I was like, ‘Excuse me? I did not want to take a picture with you! I never asked to take a picture with you.’” After Sofia’s alleged diss, the ladies continued living their lives. But Sofia did not make any new allies that day.

Teresa declared she is ‘NOT A FAN’ of the former Modern Family actress. That said, Sofia had no idea who Tre was so I guess they’re even? But that didn’t stop Teresa’s tantrum.

“I was like, how rude. You’re so not a humble person. You forgot where you came from. It’s not like she started out like being on the top. She forgot where she came from. She’s so not a down-to-earth person. I’m so not a fan of her,” Tre explained. And I will now allow the irony of that paragraph to wash over you and sink in…

Last year, Teresa ran into her nemesis in New York when she was on Dancing With the Stars. Once again, Sofia ignored Teresa which apparently reopened the wound.

“She’s just not a nice person. Just because I’m on a reality TV show you don’t want to associate yourself with me? It’s fine.” Sure, Jan. It appears it is anything but fine from this angle.

Tre might need to get over it

And this wasn’t Tre’s first time speaking on her ordeal with Sofia. In a prior TMZ video she stated, “Ugh, I can’t stand her, sorry. I hate to say that because I’m Italian, she’s Colombian, she has an accent — she has more of an accent than me!” I guess there was no one around to tell Tre to shut it because she added one last gem.

“You would think she would be nice, like she’s an immigrant — no, I’m just saying, she should be nice!” Oh, dear.