Erika Jayne
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Live Nation Las Vegas)

Erika Jayne Asks Court for Payment for Infamous Diamond Earrings

Most wives of lawyers charged with stealing millions from their clients who were victims of horrific events would probably sit down and shut up about matters involving ridiculous amounts of said millions lavishly spent (allegedly). However, Real Housewives of Beverly HillsErika Jayne isn’t “most wives.” She’s been fighting tooth and nail to get back the $750k earrings her estranged husband, disgraced ex-attorney Tom Girardi, gifted her.

Even though the huge diamond studs were sold off for the deeply discounted bargain price of $250k and now weigh down the ears of attorney Ronald Richards’ wife, Lauren Boyette Richards, Erika won an appeal to have the court further investigate whether they were actually part of Tom’s estate and thus lawfully confiscated from her to go toward repaying his victims. As evidence for that continues to be gathered, Ronald says that Erika is now requesting to be paid for the earrings.

Ronald took to Twitter on September 6 to give an update on the never-ending earring saga. Apparently, Erika had the audacity to ask the courts to rule that Tom’s bankruptcy trustees pay her back for the huge baubles. However, Ronald suspects her request is about more than just the monetary value of the earrings.

Ronald claims part of Erika’s motive with this request is to also try to put off the trial for that little $25 million lawsuit against her by tying up the courts. This could happen, since earring money already changing hands complicates things. Even though a judge ordered that the Richards don’t have to return the earrings, everything could change if the court rules that the trustee has to pay Erika back. That’s because the bankruptcy trustee says they don’t need to prove the money Tom used to purchase the earrings came from stolen victim funds. His and Erika’s money was combined in an account at his law firm.

Ronald also attached the court’s status report. Sheesh, get Andy Cohen and a camera; these earrings need their own spinoff already.

This is a lot of hubbub for pair of earrings that are so massive, anyone who saw someone wearing them would probably assume they’re from the Claire’s clearance rack. Perhaps Erika’s dismal Bet It All On Blonde residency ticket sales are also spurring her dogged pursuit of this money. It’s too bad Sutton Stracke is keeping her distance and isn’t there to tell Erika to “let the mouse go.”