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Jackie Goldschneider Found It Hard Hiding Eating Disorder on RHONJ Cast Trips

Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Jackie Goldschneider spoke about the moment her co-stars questioned her relationship with food in her new book. The Weight of Beautiful, which Jackie wrote herself, is expected to hit shelves on September 26. In it, the reality star will recount her decades-long struggle with anorexia and her road to recovery. 

In an excerpt from the book, Jackie detailed when Jennifer Aydin brought up her habits with food. It’s a topic that’s been part of Jackie’s storyline for the last few seasons; however, her memoir will give viewers an even closer look at her life before the cameras. 

Jackie gets real in her debut memoir 

In a new excerpt from Us Weekly, Jackie discussed a specific moment between her and Jennifer while on a cast trip. 

She started by explaining how cast trips were always the most challenging part of being on The Real Housewives for her. Not because she was dodging daggers from Teresa Giudice but because hiding her eating disorder would be more challenging. 

“I had two jobs on cast trips: the first was to film a reality show, and the second was to eat enough to make sure no one thought I had a problem, without eating so much that my life would fall apart. The latter job was unquestionably harder,” Jackie wrote. 

What viewers see on the cast trips are the yummy lunches, thrilling activities, and, of course, the intense dinner sessions. At home, folks didn’t see Jackie’s rigorous plan for tracking her food and workouts. 

“Before these trips, I always made a plan with a detailed schedule of calories rationed throughout the day, excuses to avoid unsafe foods, foods I could eat in a multitude of situations, and a strategy to compensate for any missed cardio sessions.” 

Jackie eventually recounted the time Jennifer called her out when she least expected it. She said she could’ve confessed to the ladies about her ED, but she wasn’t ready. Instead, she said it gave her control, which she didn’t want to relinquish. 

“I traded everything — my health, my sanity, my ability to socialize without anxiety — to hold on to my eating disorder. I gave it everything, and in return, it let the old me disappear.” 

Copyright © 2023 by Jacqueline Goldschneider. From the forthcoming book THE WEIGHT OF BEAUTIFUL by Jackie Goldschneider to be published by Gallery Books, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Printed by permission.

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