Real Housewives Kids Who Made Headlines

Gia Giudice
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Miss Circle x CLD)

Sometimes, it isn’t about the famous mama on the Real Housewives franchise so much as it is about their offspring. Viewers have watched numerous children grow up on Bravo. While some have been hidden in the shadows, others have been thirsty for their chance in the spotlight. More often than not, most of the children of the Real Housewives face-palm their heads and pray their mother stops embarrassing them. Now it’s their turn to make their mothers blush.

Gia Giudice

Gia Giudice/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey tyke has grown up in front of fans’ eyes. Gia Giudice first tugged at viewers’ heartstrings when she pleaded with her mother and uncle to get along with a rousing rendition of Waking Up in the Morning. Even though the singing was subpar, the oldest Giudice became a star. As Gia aged, she became sassier, often taking her mother’s side in the family feud. 

Gia has made the issues personal in recent years while speaking to numerous outlets. She claims her uncle and aunt had unfriended her and lied about family squabbles. The aspiring lawyer also hinted that they had been super disrespectful. Gia has also been a warrior for her father, Joe Giudice, whom she often spoke in support of during his trial and subsequent deportation. Just like her mother, Gia has a knack for the spotlight. 

Michael Wolfsmith


The only one ever brave enough to speak out against Vicki Gunvalson, the OG of the OC, was her son, Michael Wolfsmith. While Vicki often fought against wearing masks and getting a vaccine for the worldwide pandemic, Mike was confirming that he still believed in embracing facts and truth given by the professionals. During an Instagram rant, one fan wrote, “The only normal one of the family who believes in democracy, science, and diversity.” The comment received some backlash, but Mike stepped in to confirm the troll was not wrong. He wrote, “Nah, he’s correct, lol.”

Mike often butted heads with his mother as he stood firm in his beliefs. The insurance guy often pointed out how progressive his political views were compared to his family’s and even implied that his mom, sister Briana Culberson, and brother-in-law Ryan Culberson were much more conservative. Viewers loved how he knocked her anti-vaxxer ways back to the stone age. 

Brielle and Ariana Biermann

Brielle Biermann/Instagram

The once fresh-faced daughters of Kim Zolciak have hit the front pages once or twice. Whether it is their overly sexed-up look or commenting on their mother’s divorce, these girls have opinions. Ariana Biermann and Brielle Biermann have been tied at the hip, with both often sharing the same feelings when it comes to their family drama. Brielle has found herself at the forefront, hinting that she paid utility bills for her mom.

Recently, Brielle has also been sued by American Express over unpaid bills. Page Six revealed that the 26-year-old influencer has also fallen on hard times. According to the outlet, Brielle owed $12,870.25 and had not been paying her minimum monthly bill. During the same month, Kim was sued by Target, and Rolls-Royce sued Kroy Biermann. It seems birds of a feather flock together. 

Robert Cosby Jr.

Mary Cosby/Instagram

Even though Mary Cosby often likes to keep matters in-house, her son, Robert Cosby Jr., was recently in the media for taking photos where drugs may have been featured. Whenever fans see Mary’s son, he seems like he wishes he was anywhere else than in the living room with his mother. Just this week, Pastor Mary’s son was snapped on social media via All About The Tea, flashing a firearm and popping what can only be presumed as unprescribed medication. 

The outlet noted that along with his wife. Robert was seen with “marijuana, prescription codeine syrup, and unidentified pills.” Mary has made it clear in the new season that she lets her son do his thing, noting, “We kind of have our own wings.” It’s safe to say Mary may be keeping a closer eye on her son in the future.