Bravo Kids Who Are Almost Carbon Copies of Their Parents

Bravo kids who are carbon copies of their parents.
Photo Credit: Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The Bravoverse is small, with most fans knowing the ins and outs of their favorite personalities’ lives. One undeniable fact is how much viewers enjoy watching the children grow up over the years. For seasons, while we follow their moms or dads on the small screen, we also find ourselves rooting for them. Whether it be their senior prom, varsity football game, or their first day at college, the Bravo kids are always in our hearts. So, it makes it even more enjoyable to find that some of them are carbon copies of their famous parents. 

Frankie Jr/Dolores

Dolores Catania has always been the muscle of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. And her son, Frank Catania Jr, literally has all the muscles. Like his father, it probably helps that he competed in bodybuilding competitions. But Frankie always seems to have a good head on his shoulders, which is another trait he got from his mother. When discussing serious family situations, the Fairfield University graduate comes in with a cool head. Like Dolo, he analyzes his options and doesn’t usually pick a side. 


Ken Todd is the most protective sidekick Lisa Vanderpump could ask for. While their daughter Pandora Vanderpump may have picked up a few stylish tips from her mother, I would argue she is all Ken. Ken’s eldest daughter is Ken’s spitting image, thanks to her blonde hair and facial structure. Unlike her mother, who is so charismatic, Pandora seems a bit reserved, much like Ken. There is no doubt that Pandora is Ken’s daughter, especially regarding certain mannerisms. 


When it comes to Melissa Gorga, there is no doubt her daughter, Antonia Gorga, is literally her twin, just about 30 years younger. Antonia stands out because Melissa and Joe Gorga haven’t improperly included her in their adult issues. She is just a typical teenager who loves fashion. Luckily, her mother is in the business. I would wager they even get to share clothes.

Antonia definitely got her fashion sense from her mother. The two have long, dark, curly hair, and when looking back on childhood photos, it is clear that Antonia is all Missy G. 


If I had to pick one of Teresa Giudice’s daughters to be the spitting image of the OG, it would have to be her eldest, Gia Giudice. Just by looks alone, Gia has seemingly morphed into her mother. Both wear long hair and add a ton of makeup, especially to their eyes. When they snap photos together, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference since they both wear tight dresses and high heels. 

Gia has always tried to save her family from turmoil and takes the responsibility extremely seriously. Teresa feels the same responsibility when it comes to her parents, always ensuring they are included in family gatherings. I would argue that Gia is a carbon copy of her mother in terms of drama.  Both Teresa and Gia demand absolute loyalty. We’ve seen both trash Melissa, both argue with Joe, and both act irrationally after something is said they didn’t like. 

Every time I see Gia on the show next to her mother doing the most to be in the drama, I just know she’s doing a continual audition to be the next Teresa. 


Even though Sonja Morgan often tries to recapture her youth, she wouldn’t have to look far since her daughter is a clone of her. Quincy Morgan is young, vivacious, blonde, and stunning, just like Sonja is now, to be honest. While we’ve seen a lot of the above Bravo kids, Quincy has been largely under the radar. Both Son and Quincy take fantastic photos that could be mistaken for a Ralph Lauren ad. What is even nicer is Quincy and her mother have a pretty great relationship. Sonja has never once tried to use her daughter for clout on the show. Both are highly educated women who know what they want from life. The only way they could possibly get closer is if Quincy wanted to come up with her own toaster line.